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10 $ velours now 40 $ the focus pad, rolleyes.gif
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Originally Posted by Mad Lust Envy View Post

I haven't checked this thread in a million years, and I'm wondering if anyone has tried the HE-400 with:

Shure 1540 alcantara pads (they seem popular for the HE-4)
Focus pads (saw the impressions like 10 pages ago, would like more impressions with non-EQ.)
Focus A pads

I think these impressions would be a great help, considering the great prices on the HE400 nowadays. I'll try and search back a few weeks for comparisons. I'm a two time owner of the HE-400, and used them 99% of the time with velours. I know it's strengths and weaknesses quite well, so I'm hoping to see if the newer pads have done anything in the way of reducing the treble.

I had many of the focuspads impressions, and I do not use EQ. I would highly recommend the focuspads. Comfort, better imaging (especially front and back), taming of the tizzy treble, more present mids (noticable in voices, guitars, other string instruments) etc. Really a big upgrade in my opinion. I have not tried the other pads, unfortunately. Best of luck to you :)

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It seems like the 4khz peak of the Focus pads seem beneficial on the already upper mid deficient HE400s.

If I ever find myself getting the 400 again, I'll definitely be looking into these pads.
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seriously guys, this 400i is really awesome. I wish I had money T-T

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Good & bad to hear. If my he400 dies and I haven't replaced it, I will gladly look into trying it out. It's only bad bc I'm currently weighing my options on closed headphones. How dies the bass hold up compared to the original?
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The way I read the 400i thread so far is... 400 has kick-ass audiophile bass and 400i is more a RELATIVELY nuanced and just a bit understated audiophile bass to the 400's kick.


I just wonder if the 400i will EQ to give the best of both cans....

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