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I think an amp alone wouldn't be enough to turn treble spike into "smooth". However, I feel like the combination of Focuspads and a tube amp or hybrid amp would go a long way (I feel that the Focuspads help the treble the most) My setup is HE-400 + Focuspads+ Schiit Vali and Modi. I'm not pushing the Vali, and I would guess that many other tubes or hybrids would drive it to meet your standards even better, though likely also at a higher price.

How is sound-stage with this particular setup you are having.Also if you had any other to compare with , it will be great.

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I don't have another setup to compare it to, sorry. Soundstage is decent, angled pads really make the music seem like it is coming from in front of you, so soundstage width is kinda out in front, and imaging is good. I could compare it to having heard the HD650 off of a Dragonfly 1.2 and say that my setup has about equal width, greater height, and greater depth. I can also say that the soundstage is only a bit smaller than the 400i on the same setup. Really what got me was the change in sound sig. I think the Vali may shrink the stage a bit, and the Modi brings it back out. Other members probably have more experience with the amps and may be able to help you more, but my advice is to get the focuspads. I tried going back to the velours and took them off within 10 mins. comfort + sound sig changes with focuspads is really awesome

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