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They sound different with an amp, even a cheap one like the Magni. They probably sound like they are supposed to do. IMHO they are better (dynamics and instrument separation), but if you're happy with the way they sound I wouldn't change anything...you might not like the change

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so can anybody compare the he-400 with the audio technica ath-ad900x?


which is ultimately superior and why?



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Originally Posted by PhoenixClaw View Post

Thanks for the impressions. I am actually using my HE-400 with the Fiio E7 straight out of my laptop but have been contemplating getting a better amp for it. I am completely satisfied with the sound, I am just wondering if I am "missing out" because of being limited by the E7.

As others say.. If you like what you have, there is no real compelling reason to change anything. Unless you just have an itch to try something else, and have a significant Audio  budget and lots of time.


If you have something that you like, you aren't missing much except the chase!


FiiO has a signature sound (maybe excluding the X5). I have the E7, E12, and E17. I find that they  pair well with the 400s.


You may find something that you like better after spending lots of time and money. Beware, you crawl into the proverbial rabbit hole...


Advice from someone  having spent too much time and money chasing perfection. Or as close as I can get with MidFi on a budget.



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So these arrived today. The bass extension is what I bought them for, and it's great. They also seem clearer in the treble end and I'm noticing more details than with my old cans. I haven't even amped them yet. Will an amp do much for these headphones?

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If you're running straight out of your on-board sound card, then I'd personally get both a DAC and an amp (whether they're separate components or not is up to you). Doesn't need to be significant; I noticed a huge improvement comparing on-board to the AQ DragonFly v1.2 ($150, portable USB DAC/amp). Largest difference for me was bass extension and sound stage. The on-board soundcard just sounded congested, fake, and extensively digital / noisy in comparison.


Can't speak for more expensive amps though currently. Still trying to find an amp that would suit all the headphones I am looking forward to testing / buying.


I would definitely buy a DAC/amp if your computer / laptop is especially old (probably 3~4+ years). My cousin, for example, thought his Audioengine A5s were lacking bass (I thought they were hella bassy regardless, but I like my sound balanced) and therefore wanted a subwoofer to pair with them. He was running the speakers straight out of his probably 5+ year old laptop. Brought my DragonFly over and the difference was literally night and day (and I am not exaggerating. He was able to tell the difference and he doesn't care too much about the technicalities of audio / hifi. He just wants it to sound good). The bass basically just started hitting hard enough in his small room that he didn't see a need to splurge for a good sub and everything else was far more clear (though that is saying a lot for the A5s, personally). Before it probably rolled off around 120~180Hz (I don't know my frequencies exactly, but the lower mid-bass segment) whereas after it started hitting the high sub-bass frequencies as they're quite known to do.


Still only wish their frequency response was a bit closer to the HD650s. Still not a big fan of the treble, though I've grown accustomed to it.

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Thanks for the reply. Yeah, I am running out of my integrated sound chip and this pc is quite old, but I have an audio-gd nfb-15 ordered (they're just burning it in for me at the moment). Good to hear it will supposedly help.


What don't you like about the treble?

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I'm running it with an e17... also looking to maybe upgrade and looking at audio gd... probably just an entry level dac-amp audiogd maybe an nfb-15... which would be nice...? seem to have run in to a problem with the e17... it mutes the volume in my xp OS every 15 mins. or so... it never did this before... partly why I'm thinking of changing the fiio... 

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Hello, can anyone here help me out? I am thinking of getting myself a pair of HE-400's for my gaming and music needs and I just need to know which DAC and AMP has the perfect synergy with this particular headphone for $200 or under. Also they need to have optical out as I plan to possibly connect them to a sound card down the line in order to get virtual surround sound.


Ones I have either heard are good or I am considering are the magni+modi, vali, and aune t1. If you know of any better DAC/AMPs that are a perfect match with the HE-400 for $200 or under then please let me know. By the way I live in Canada just for the record. One other thing I have heard people say that tube amps are not a good pair with the he-400 is this true or false? Thank you!

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I can confirm that Modi + Vali is nice combo. Only cons I find are microphonics even I move a cable and hiss which I can hear only by covering cups with my hands. 

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Can anyone confirm if the JDSLabs C5D is a good pairing?  Am a bit strapped right now so thinking it would be good for home use (of 400's) AND portable rig (for Senn Amperiors).   There is plenty of mention of the desktop JDS ODAC/O2 working but can't find much on the smaller C5D.   Thanks again! 

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Thanks for the reply. So the Vali+Modi with optical out instead of USB is probably my best bet for the HE-400 eh? I hear the Modi and Vali don't come with any cables so which cables do I need in order to get everything up and running and does anyone know of any cheap and good cables for the Vali+Modi? 

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Schiit has their own cables around $20, I believe they're called pyst. I'm sure there are better, but I bet they are decent.
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There are glass fiber optical cables for just a bit more than $20 if you shop around..Amazon/ebay.

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Do these match well with the e17? I might get these to replace my d2000, good idea?
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I have tried E17 too. It is also very nice pairing, set bass at 10 = :basshead:

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