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I appreciate the apology, nothing to worry about, we all have our bad days.  My feet are just killing me, so I know I'm a bit grumpier too.


Sorry for getting ya worked up as well.

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Nobody is grumpier than me. I haven't slept through the night since we got this damn puppy. That was five months ago!!


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LOL, I can sympathize.  I'm a lifelong insomniac, so on my worse nights, I wake up 3 or 4 times an hour.

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^^ I feel you brother. Oh, I how I miss the days when I used to sleep like a rock. I sometimes give up and come downstairs and listen to music. 

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I had a mouse problem at my first NYC apartment, I went for 6 months without rem sleep, they would chew on the metal bulling in the walls, I littrally went insane, it was the darkest time of my life lol
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The last time I had a mouse show up in an apartment, I nearly domesticated the little guy.  He'd even show up at dinner time and get a little bit of food.  Too bad a girl I was dating at the time freaked the hell out and sledgehammered the guy...  it was actually kinda traumatic.  What the hell she was doing with a sledgehammer in her car, I will never know.

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I used to live in central Illinois and there were mice in the ceiling. Could hear the little bastards scurrying around at night. I brought back a Great plains rat snake from a visit to Texas. Bought these "Have-a-Heart" traps. A little peanut butter and instant snake food. Then my landlord set out poison and that ended that. Could feed a poisoned mouse to my snake and well.... I owned 9 at one time, but my pilot light went out on my furnace in the dead of winter while I was visiting my folks in Texas. It was 38 degrees F. when I got home. Being ectotherms they all died. Lost about $10,000 worth of snakes. A taxidermist came and got the Burmese python and the Suriname red-tailed boa. Had 5 Eastern indigo snakes that are a federally protected species in Florida, Georgia, and Alabama. They were gorgeous, man!


BTW my HE-400's and the new cable are smoking hot.   

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^poor snakes ;( as for mice, they should all burn in the hottest magma filled pit in hell, they ruined 10 pairs of shoes that I had while I was away on buisness. One mouse wouldent be too bad. But in NYC there's littrally millions and they leave trails of poop everywhere they walk.

On I side note, I removed the fabric off the inside of the grills on my he400 and got a nice increase in sound stage, also seems as if there's less resonance all around.
I contacted hifiman and they sold me spare grills for 10 bucks. I will to a-b'ing when they arrive
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You mean you took off the ear pads and removed the thin acoustic transparent material that covers the planar elements? Aren't you worried you'll damage the drivers? I think that at the very least would void the HiFiMAN warranty. Listening to Blood on the Tracks...

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Who are you directing that towards? If it's me, I bought my pair off someone and they didn't include the black cloths in the sale. I just emailed Hifiman about ordering some and the left side blue headband piece that is damaged. Waiting on a response.

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Oh, no just the fabric on the outer grill, Spoke to hifiman In regards to that, no voided warrantee as long as the drivers are not removed from the cups, the outer grills and earpads are user serviceable parts so it's ok
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Nope, not you my man.

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I don't know, man. I think I'll let discretion be the better part of valor. I don't see how that mod would improve soundstage. Get an amp with a crossfeed circuit or some software that offers it like JRiver.

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If anything there's more clarity , if that's at all possible
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I removed my fabric on one on the grills and didn't notice too much of a difference if any personally and was generally worried about dust so I kept the fabric on.

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