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I use my re400, with an e17 on 0 gain with bass boosted to 2 or 4 and treble boosted to 2, works great for on the go. I get the congestion, and that's why I was saying, it takes a while to get used to each going back and fourth between them. They do sound a lot better out of the e17 than straight out of my iPod touch, to my ears that is.
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Whenever Audeze releases their closed LCD I'll just be using that at home and on the go like an extreme hipster.  This is all assuming they know how to magically dampen their closed backs to sound like an open back and not sound like a Mad Dog.


Btw I already tried out all the different tips and found the small double-flanged ones to seal and sound best.  What do the TS400 tips do to the sound?

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Is there a price tag on that audeze yet?
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I was really considering the re-400 as my next iem but these comments on congestion are making me wary.

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No price tag on the audeze yet just more and more pics of its gradually progressing design.  The latest ones from the west coast meet look real good.  Amazing what adding a metallic accent can do.


I wouldn't worry about the congestion if you're already used to IEMs and other closed headphones.  It's par for the course.  I'm just so used to the exceptionally layered sound of the HE-400 that even other closed headphones with decent clarity like the Mad Dogs sound badly congested.

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Its not congested for an iem, what tm is saying is that he can't get used to the general closed sounding nature of iems. And going straight from the open airy he400, it does sound congestex for a while until your ears become accustomed to the change. But, that would be the same going to ANY iem. Unless there's some super expensive customs out there that can manage to sound like a full sized open hp
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Sorry late response didnt see tms first
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Hmm I see, it would be unexpected for an iem to match the HE-400's layering abilities. 


Btw raven, can you post a link to those images of the closed back LCD? I remember seeing the really early prototype, but haven't been keeping up with their progress.

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Hemipowered what do the TS400 tips do specifically for the RE-400?

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My god they're beautiful. Now if they could do something about the headband to improve comfort.

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God it's so hard to get used to the closed headphone and IEM sound congestion coming from open headphones.  The little bass and more upper mids of the RE-400 compared to the HE-400 don't bother me as much as just the congestion.  Plugging it into the magni/modi helps a little, but there's no practical point in doing that.


For 89 dollars though these will suffice for my portable usage.  Definitely more warm and inviting of a sound than those ****ty Skullcandy Holua.


IE8 and Yamaha EPH are quite good for that (don't sound congested)

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Hemipowered what do the TS400 tips do specifically for the RE-400?

The ts400 is a very comfortable tip. Its isolate smuch better than any of the include tips to ny ears. I was using the stock bi flanges and they sounded best. But it was a pain to get a proper seal. They don't so much change the sound, but they add comfort isolation and let you get a better seal. Which in my case DID change the sound, enough so to warrant the 17 dollar pricetag. But. My diy tips sound near the same, they just aren't as comfy and won't last as long. So If you have foam ear plugs layin around, try that mod first before spending money, that's what I did. Liked them so much I bought the complys.
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I don't think they are congested for IEMs, they are clear and transparent IMO.  Despite being quite tiny both the RE-400 and RE-600 give a relatively good sense of airiness and 'out of your head' feeling, better than most I've heard anyway.  The RE-600's soundstage is a bit larger overall in direct comparison.  IEMs will always feel more intimate and 'in your head' compared to full-sized cans so you'll never truly escape that, but the latest in the RE series performs admirably.  Full-sized open headphones are of course going to be superior in most regards so you have to expect it to be a bit jarring switching back and fourth.  I just tried it and it's disorienting. :p  On their own they are pretty great performers.

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I quite like it, its just different to headphones, the most "out of the head" IEM's I have tried would be the IE8/IE80, maybe try those.

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