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No doubt, I don't disagree with you. Different shaped heads, hair, etc. I for one didn't like the A900X just because of sliding issues on the wing system. Holy soundstage on those puppies though...

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Well i did Mod my HE-400 with beyerdynamic pads to get a better comfort and so far im happy with the results.

Its just that few people who are not in the head-fi community would have a headphone like this.


on the other hand, since i got a shure SE215, I keep the HE-400 for home use, and the previous problems hardly seem to be there.

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Originally Posted by Mani ATH 87 View Post

I'm not really noticing these issues with my HE-400's. I was anticipating the possibility of comfort being an issue when I got them, but I'm happy to say that it hasn't been at all, I've gone 2 or 3 hours at a time many times since getting them, and they haven't once become uncomfortable. The cable is definitely on the stiff side, but I wrapped it up and tied it together at a suitable length and really don't have any issues with it. The headphone sits at my computer for listening, and sometimes moves to my bedroom if I feel like laying down, so the cable's lack of being pliable really doesn't have much baring on anything. I'm not sure what type of issues people might have been having with the connectors, they also seem sturdy enough to me. Maybe after untwisting them many times they become weaker? I've only disconnected mine a couple of times. The lack of isolation can't be held against the HE-400's, it's part of the intended design. Open and closed headphones are a different product, I don't think an open back design should be considered as a penalty.


Mmm yes my thoughts exactly, I have no idea what people are complaining about, the cable is high quality canare cable.... If you want to see bad cables on expensive headphones I could find a LOT of worse examples that I have tried... The connectors will disconnect if tugged to avoid breaking.... The only part which I do agree with the nitpickers would be that the comfort is not great, its not BAD... Like the Vmoda M-100 for example.... But its not exactly good either. The main issues I would say with this headphone are the treble / sibilance and comfort / weight, maybe the upper midrange could be a bit better as well... everything else is excellent for the price.

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Originally Posted by gab840 View Post

What are the best Amplifier suitable for HE-400 in 150-300$ range ????


I am using the iDAC ( http://www.ifi-audio.com/en/iDAC.html ) ... and it's great.

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Quick question, does the 400 terminate in 3.5 or 6.3? Thx
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Technically it's 3.5, with a 6.3 adapter attached. So both.


edit: Picture for clarity


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Lol, I forgot.
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Hey Jerg, or anybody that has both he-400 and he-500, why have you kept the 400? I'm considering trading my 400s for the 500s, but they cost almost double... not sure if it's worth it

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Do the HE500 have as much bass as the HE400?

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Originally Posted by nicholars View Post

Do the HE500 have as much bass as the HE400?


The general consensus says: no. The HE-400 apparently has more bass and more punch.

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General consensus is that the HE-400 has tighter more tactile bass with a little more punch while the HE-500's bass is 'bloomy'... whatever that means.

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Hmmm the smoother treble and better upper mids sounds good....


But I would NOT like to lose the amazing bass and lower mids on the HE400.


I want to see a HE450 with the same bass and lower mids and slightly more upper mids with better treble.


But I guess this would be pricing themselves out of the market as it would possibly be better than the higher models.

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It seems that the HE-400 only bests the HE-500 in the bass department because of its coloration. The bass is more prominent due to the upper mid recession (which also makes the treble more prominent). I could be wrong though...

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Placed my order on a used-like new RE-400 on amazon for 89 dollars, no tax free shipping.  Will write a very short comparison to the HE-400.  My current Skullcandy Holua pisses me off and Apple buds don't provide isolation.


I know it's a weird comparison but they two are somewhat relatable.  I think it'll be interesting how Hifiman will translate their house sound from entry full-size planar to entry IEM.

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