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Yeah, I think I am already starting to come around. Especially after EQ. Do you have any eq tips for these headphones? Maybe knock a few db from 10k-20k?

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He fellas, new user here. I just received my HE-400's the other day. I love the sound, but like others have stated in this thread, the treble spike, particularly the sibilance in some recordings, has my hears fatigued a tad. I am in a bit of a bind as to what to do. Regardless, I am going to keep on listening to them for a few days to see if my brain can get used to it. I have eq'ed it a bit, so we will see if that helps.


Let's say I simply can't get past the sibilance/treble spike, and I have to send these back. What is a good choice in this range, give or take 100 bucks if I need to? Right now if I don't keep these, I am leaning on the Sennheiser HD650, because I hear it has a laid back sound, even though i would be losing the crisp sub bass of the HE-400's. Any opinions? Thank you!

My suggestion? Try the jergpads.

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Just for your information, some people actually prefer the HD600 to the 650.

Yeah, Tyll from innerfidelity actually values the HD600 above the HD650.

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^^ He likely them more because the hd600 is cheaper and sound very similar iirc. 

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That, an more neutral. Typical audiophiles tend to go for neutrality.

However, I believe it's subjective. The HD650 is pretty neutral aside from the infusion of warmth. A different flavor, and not a clear technical difference.
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Yes and to make the matter more muddy. Jude prefers the HD650 and Tyll actually did prefer the HD650 until very recently. biggrin.gif In conclusion They're both worth owning and are classics that will last.


HD600 = Pretty much the benchmark for neutrality

HD650 = Fairly neutrel, definitely "enough" more so than most phones

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^ Yeah he had to agree very slightly with the accusation of the HD650 having a veil. Where the HD600 has none.

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Yeah, EQ'ing so far has definitely helped. It wasn't too bad before, just the sibilance on some (not all) songs was a bit harsh. This audiophile business sure is addicting, I am thinking about getting a used hd650 regardless. I have an audioengine d1 and am already thinking about an upgrade path, mind you everything is pretty much 2 weeks old and I am already looking at more expensive toys, even though I am happy with what I have...

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thats how it starts. tongue.gif been in this for about 3 months and already 


had: dt880 and he-400

have: sr225i, he-500, and q701.


hide your wallet. beyersmile.png

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Yeah this could be bad. Why did you get rid of your he-400's? Also, how do you like the 701's?

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^^ And how are you liking the he500?

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the q701 are great, but a little bass light. like them for rock as they do guitar great especially acoustic. i had a slight rattle in right cup of the 400 i had, so returned them and paid the difference for the 500 since they were the ones i originally wanted. felt bass for 400 was great, but a little too much. only had the 500 since friday and im loving them big time, but i do feel the extra weight though. plays acoustic/hard rock, hip hop great. still have to try metal, but dont expect these to disappoint at all. L3000.gif

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What music player do you guys use with apple macbook beside the itunes?

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While we are on the subject of the HE-400 and me possibly getting a HD 650 as well, does anyone have a good upgrade on an amp coming from the audioengine d1?


I am thinking either the asgard 2 or lyr at the moment. Budget would be 600 or under. I would still use the audioengine as a DAC and I would connnect that to amp, and I would like the amp to have pre-outs to feed my A2 speakers. Ideally, the speaker outputs will mute once I have headphones plugged in.

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Audio-GD SA-31. biggrin.gif

10watts to the HE-400, and 1.4watts to the HD650 Diamond differential...

Owned it, loved it, but I needed a volume knob so I sold it and downgraded to a Compass 2.

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