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well im still leaning towards the COPs...i want some portable headphones..probobly will be the first portable heafphones cuz i have always used IEMs and id like to change it a bit.

still wouldnt mind buying some dt990 for home use smily_headphones1.gif
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Finally, got some velour pads from Amazon, will write back in a while to review their use with the COPs. :smile:


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Initial impressions of my pads: Seems to be altering the SQ a bit more than what I thought they would... Bass losing impact (i.e. headphones won't rock that much) but seem to be cleaner.

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ok..so im considering buying these as an all arounder or versatile use headphone.

This would be my first 150-200 dollar headphone since im mainly focusing on that price range for now.

I was thinking of getting some ATH A700x as a started but they now cost about 140 when they initially were 100 back in november of last year.

Now ive been reading alot of reviews about these COPs and there are mix reviews about them..for once, ill probobly say they are the best headphones because i never really had any good headphones. Last pair of expensive headphones (well IEMs) were from Sony at about 60 bucks but dont remember the model and it was back in 2007 when i was a total noob.

I know there are other headsets out there that could be better than the cops, as i have seen Beyer DT990 pros 250ohm for 150 bucks but they need amping and im not ready to buy an AMP just now.

Id rather have a headset which doesnt need an amp since ill be using it on the go as well.

So if you guys can please help me witht his buy. Cops are 180 on amazon right now and i kind of want to get these unless theres something better
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Forgot to add that Ill be listening to rock, dance, electronica, maybe some dubstep, rap, hip hop, pop, latin music (all kinds since im mexican lol) and last but not least, gaming. I need a detailed or something understandable but a review that can tell me about hos these would work for gaming. Play on PS3 and PC and hopefully get a recon3d usb for PS3 and i use razer surround on PC
Again, i dont want to use an amp for now until later on.

I might have also said that my range or budget is from 150-200 dollars but i guess i should say 180 is my limit before i can go into the 200 dollar range. The cops were 190 last night and dropped to 179 today..so im tempted to buy them now. Please help me decide smily_headphones1.gif

Any more Qs please ask me. Thank youuu
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can i bump it?
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I own the COPs and DT990s.  Although the DT990s are a more audiophile headphone, I will still keep the COPs around because they are easy to drive, are sealed and provide decent isolation, and play well with all sorts of music.  I listen to pretty much everything except classical.  They are a very fun sounding headphone and built extremely well.  If you like white, I see them on sale for $169.


Good luck!

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How are the COPs for gaming?
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I just got my pair in today.  They sound perhaps a bit unfocused in terms of bass, but I'm digging the vocals and soundstage (at this point I prefer them to the HE-400).  They're also very comfortable, perhaps more so than other Beyers I've had.  I also used this cable by Mediabridge (http://tinyurl.com/ngbvujq), which is a killer replacement, since I prefer my cables to be longer than 5 feet.

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1 year on my head, so far so good, just had a problem with the cable, but the pair itselfs still impresses me sometimes.

To the new owners, I recall the first time I had these on, was incredibly disappointed with them. They sounded distant, lacking a lot of precision and weren't tight at all in lows. Went on the net and read about people talking about burn-in time (like 30 to 50h) and said to myself: "these are headphones not 52cm subs wtf". Never believed in burn-in anyway. Was about to send them back when I said "well **** it, let's give it a go". At this time they ran during 2 days straight connected on my desktop. 

Putting them back on was trully a different story. Everything came along great, tigher, faster, the imaging was utterly different. 

And the quantity of bass these can produce when amped is just too crazy to fathom (it's like receiving little puches in the jaw !), not that it's a remarkable point for music listening, but for movies, it's quite something.

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You can also go for velour pads, they open up the soundstage even more! :D

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Ordered them a week ago, should receive them soon :D 

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Hi guys, jus got my pair on last week.  I've seen many different reviews bout COP regarding on the recessed mid.  Well i auditioned a few cans before walked away with COP from low range to high end. Well I personally hate recessed mid sound signature and i can tell COP is not mid recessed cans at all, well at least much more full and forward compared to Final Pandora hope VI.

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Originally Posted by Mad Lust Envy View Post

For the love of god, someone with the Custom Pros get the 770 velours and swap them to see what it does to the sound. I'd love to try them out as a possible sealed can, but only if they sound good with the 770 velours.

Do NOT get the 880/990 velours, as that will destroy the seal, bass, and make everything super treble oriented.

I just got the 770 velours on my COPs. The pounding bass on setting 4 has been cut by over 50%. No test equipment, just my ears. I got these because I was tired of the hot sweaty ears, and the inner diameter was too small for my old man ears. The inner diameter on the velours is 2.25", compared to 2" on original pleathers. Don't have to fold my ears in half now. There's also less seal against external noise, hard to judge how much, but its there. Very comfortable, I can now wear for hours. The sound is much flatter now. A bit of a disappointment, as I really did like the pounding bass sometimes, makes the iPod 4G sound good. I'm sure some EQ will come in handy. Setting 1 sounds quite tinny (no Monty Python jokes!). The velour means no more vinyl-to-skin bonding, so you won't have to "peel them off your face". Had the COPs less than a year, and the pleather is already decomposing, ala Sony. I think its some kind of vinyl dip on fabric. Ideally, BD would make the stock pads with a larger inner diameter, velour to the edge of the seal, and then pleather past the outer seal edge to reduce external noise and still contain the bass. Might be difficult to manufacture a comfortable fit though. I do recommend getting the velours. Arrived in 2-3 days from Amazon.  

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