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I'm disappointed in RHCP

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The reason I am disappointed in the Red Hot Chili Peppers is that their last several albums including I'm With You, Stadium Arcadium, By The Way, Californication & One Hot Minute have all suffered severely from the loudness wars . . . I wish that they would go back to the days of their self titled album, Freaky Styley, The Uplift Mofo Party Plan, Mothers Milk & Blood Sugar Sex Magik as far as recording, mastering etc. Not only that but I think that their last album I'm With You was a terrible album and by far their WORST out of their entire catalog . . . I kinda skimmed through it when I was previewing songs from it on iTunes and I need to look at the album more but so far I only like The Adventures of Raindance Maggie . . . that is the only song. And no I don't care for Monarchy of Roses. I hate to say it cause I love these guys but if they are going to continue putting out albums like I'm With You then they should just stop making music anymore.

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Anyone else feel this way? Yeah you know what's stupid? According to this site: http://www.dr.loudness-war.info/ RHCP let lil wayne (that's right you heard me correctly) put out an album (Tha Carter III) that has greater dynamic range and is less loud than some of their latest albums . . . how could you let LIL WAYNE pass you up in album sound quality?! How?! Where have you gone RHCP?

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I wish that I knew how to do everything that is required to be a music producer and that I was their producer because all their albums would be good quality . . . I would record in the highest quality possible . . . I wouldn't care how quiet the albums were and if people who weren't audiophiles wanted it to be louder . . . if they wanted the songs to be louder they could just crank up their volume as loud as they could.

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3 bumps in one hour. Take it easy.


Have you ever heard the vinyl mastering of Stadium Arcadium? It is fantastic. I believe it is a Steve Hoffman master. There are also 2 unofficial versions of Californication, one is referred to as "unmastered", and one is an alternate master. They are passable. With Californicaton, not only was the retail version incredibly compressed, but the source material itself was recorded quite poorly. But at least there are options. I think the alternate master sounds the best.


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Hahaha okay I will try to take it easy . . . and thank you but I don't want vinyl . . . I want to buy my music in the CD format only.

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Originally Posted by kingalekay View Post

Hahaha okay I will try to take it easy . . . and thank you but I don't want vinyl . . . I want to buy my music in the CD format only.

You can easily find a vinyl rip online, and the unofficial versions of Californication will not be found on CD. It's against the rules to discuss pirating, so I'll just leave it at that.

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Ah yes I forgot about vinyl rips silly me.

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Unfortunately, the only way to get a good sound out of their albums is to pirate. Happy listening.

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Thank you.

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I don't think that piracy is ethical but then again releasing albums that suffer so badly from the loudness wars is unethical too tongue.gif

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I feel you on there, although personally I love RHCP for Chad and Flea, Anthony's lyrics are cool sometimes and without Frushante I could care less to listen to them


Although I really do love Grand Pappy du Plenty [and every other Instrumental they do, especially when Flea plays his (Trombone?) what ever brass instrument he plays xD he does it well!]

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I don't care for Grand Pappy Du Plenty personally . . . but I do like Get Up and Jump, Buckle Down & True Men Don't Kill Coyotes from RHCP's self titled album. In fact at the time of posting this I am listening to Get Up and Jump. It blows my mind how much the Chili Peppers have changed since their first album lol. They are like a completely different band now . . . it's almost as if the real RHCP got kidnapped and replaced by impostors!

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Nah, Flea and Chad are they same as they've always been. Funky and jazzy, but yea thier Guitarist and the feel as a group has changed alot. Then again they are alot older [and a little lessy crazy] then they orignally were in the late 80's


But I like Get up and Jump as well, and one of my favorites is






Also screw iTunes, sadly youtube only has the iTunes version avaliable in decent quality. A much better song to listen to from the Album it was released with -.-

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Ah yes I forgot to mention Police Helicopter . . . that song is awesome too. I like Castles Made of Sand as well! And I do agree that Chad and Flea are still funky . . . that cannot be denied. I shouldn't have said that the Peppers were kidnapped and replaced by impostors . . . Kiedis got kidnapped though . . . I know it biggrin.gif

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I think my favorite song from The Red Hot Chili Peppers (the album not the group) is Buckle Down.

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