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For Sale: Audeze LCD-2 Rev1

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For Sale:
Audeze LCD-2 Rev1

Will Ship To: Anywhere



Little over one year old Audeze LCD-2 Rev1 for sale. Everything is included. Box, cable, wood care, tools, manual, receipt... everything. Asking $725USD shipped in NA. I accept PayPal, no fee. The headphone is boxed and will ship the same day payment clears.


Note at the time of the photos the foam headband was on my Rev2 since I prefer it to the leather one.  The foam headband is the one that will be included however since the serial number is integrated into the headband.



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Would u do a trade of lcd-2 plus 200 dollars for my t1 with black dragon cabling?
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Sorry not interested in the T1.

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Isn't this selling on head fi for around 600 dollars? Anywhere from 620-675

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Originally Posted by zeroakuma View Post

Isn't this selling on head fi for around 600 dollars? Anywhere from 620-675

This is honestly as uncalled for as your constant spam trying to get rid of your T1s which you complained about being extremely bass light.  It's one of the bright/bass-light pairs; kind of indecent for you to pass it on to someone else as if it's in perfect working condition.


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It is in perfect condition, but according to my conversation with the one who reviewed the Nuforce Icon HDP, he pretty much agreed that the bass won't be to my liking if paired with the said amp/dac/preamp


What's wrong with you? I'm just trying to expand my collection, while putting feelers out there. I have received serious offers for my T1 with Black Cable which I got from another user. So leave me be, boo.

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Status seems to be "sale pending" for a while...

Would you be interested in trading for a new pair of JH16 (factory replacement)?

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