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For Sale: Audio-GD Compass

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For Sale:
Audio-GD Compass

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Due to not having appropriate listening time, I'm selling my headphone rig to more deserving owners, and this beloved amp/DAC has to go too.


The Compass was the prelude to the Audio-GD FUN, and is a great little starter amp which ran about $280 at the time. Mine was ordered with the OPA Earth module, which is the most neutral low end chip they offer but has a somewhat warmer, musical sound to it which goes well with pretty much any headphone. It's capable of driving most cans out there very well (I've been listening to my LA7000 Lites on it since I got them, listened to them through much higher end rigs and could not justify the upgrade whatsoever), and is a great amp if you're on a budget. It has about 300 hours of burn in on it.


It's in great condition outside of a little dust, with only one scratch on the right edge of the faceplate (can be seen in photos). I'm looking for $150 OBO and considering the condition I feel this is a fair price.


PM me with any questions, pictures below (see album for all photos).

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Private message sent.

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Sold to saidentary along with my LA7000s!

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