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@ swbf2cheater,


Please advise me:


1) Do the L1s heat up your ears? Say, compare to open headphones you have or had, do they ventilate more or less? Thank you. My concerns is that their leather pads and medium sized ear cups may make me sweat in summer.


2) Do the sides of L1 protrude (do they look bloody huge/wide on your head)? I am asking as I have a mutant big head (2XL size). LOL. So far only M80s look good on my head (I still need to bend the M80s to fit).

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I've worn the L1s for 4-5 hours in a stretch without discomfort due to pressure or heat. I didn't look in the mirror with them on, dunno about #2.
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Thanks Maxvla for your comment.
OP also PMed me his comment before he left Headfi. He said it does heat up ears.
I will leave it there for others to decide. I guess L1s are not cool cans like AKG K701s. Whether they are too warm to wear will depend on your heat sensitivity.
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Memory foam and leather mixed usually tend to heat up quickly.  

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Thank you for explaining again, OP. I totally agree.

I have decided to skip these L1s, after reading your PM. Because I am sensitive to heat generated by closed headphones, especially in a hot and humid Houston summer.

Conversely, I can surely understand if someone in a region with cool/cold weather does not notice said heat. L1s should be a little cooler than isolating sealed headphones such as Edition 8, I guess.
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The L1 is still my favorite mid tier can.  I may or may not get a review unit of the new M1 which uses similar drivers to the L1, so far the M1 is almost everything I've ever dreamed of in a true portable headphone.  Time will tell! 

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Philips had a chance to make good on all their promises to me, they did not come through on a single one so far.  I definitely won't be supporting them in the future.

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