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I looked around and found a couple, but nothing super recent about what a "decent" LOD cable was.  I am willing to spend a bit on it (under 100) but want to make sure I spend just enough to get a decent cable given my setup.


I just purchased a Objective 2 headphone amplifier for use with my iPhone 4.  I plan to listen to either re-encoded FLAC files, or streaming Pandora (I know I go from good source to crappy source).  I see recommendations for the Fio LOD's and then some others intermixed.


I dont need to worry so much about it being portable as this setup is strictly for use at work so there wont be any pocket travel.


As such I need recomendations for decent LOD's.  I am not against paying DIY guys on this forum to make one, I just simply dont know anyone that does that here since I am mostly a HT guy and dont spend lots of time on this site.


The LOD's I am aware of are the Fio ones, the Trends CQ-102 (30$), and the Moon Audio Silver Dragon V1 (65).  I want decent synergy between my iPhone and the Objective 2 and am a believer that cables can make a difference, hence asking specifically about what works best with those two pieces of equipment.


Please help me figure out which LOD to go with.  Thanks!


P.S. headphones have not yet been decided, but some models I am looking at are the Ultrasone HFI-780, Beyerdynamic DT-770's, Denon AHD2000

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