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Omaha Head-Fi Meet New Date May 19/CE!

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Apologies for any confusion...  I am a newbie on Head-Fi, infrequent poster but serious lurker and was quite infected and joined on January 2011.  Upon learning that Larry, Marylin and Tim

have been active supporters of  Head-F I asked when another meet was planned, and here I am. After discussion it was decided that we should not forgo sponsors, demo's and door prizes

so the date has been moved to accommodate lead times that will allow a great meet.


The meet will be at Custom Electronics, Omaha, NE from 11:00 to 4:00, Saturday, May 19, 2012. I will update more info as it is arranged.








Omaha Head-Fi Meet #3 - October 29th @ CE

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You still getting this organized Douger?

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So I have been talking to the boss, and sounds like she is happy to provide a sponsorship for the meet.  I am pushing for the following:


-Discounted Spirit World Deli meal, free dessert, etc

-Discounted entry to Bourbon tasting the evening of May 19th

-Raffle Prize(s): potentially tshirt(s), giftcard(s), and/or Glencairn Whisk(e)y glasswear


I will report back with the final details.


For headfi'ers who are whisk(e)y drinkers, the tasting will be the kickoff to our new Bourbon Club, which I am personally excited for.  We are potentially tasting products from Hudson Bourbon and possibly the new Woodford Reserve Double Oak.  Additionally I am in the process of hand selecting a special one-off single cask of a whiskey for the store (I am keeping it a secret for now).  We will unveil this single cask bottling as one of the whiskeys at the tasting.


Btw, count me in for the meet!

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Hooray, Thanks scotchguy! <3

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Yes I am, communicating with sponsors now.

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Headroom is generously supplying the equipment as arranged before:


1x Ultra Desktop Amp

 1x Micro Amp

 1x Micro Dac

 1x Desktop Power Supply


Plus a VERY, VERY rare HeadRoom Total
 BitHead portable headphone amp/USB

in the Clear Case!


which will be their door prize!

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So is it just Doug, James, and myself?  I am liking those odd for door prizes biggrin.gif.


Here's the gear I will be hauling to the meet:


Grado sr80i

Grado sr125i (if the girlfriend attends)

Fostex T50rp

Koss KSC-75


Schiit Asgard 

Schiit Bifrost (if my tax refund ever arrives)


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Now is a good time to make sure you are reserving the date...  I will bring my Grado SR325i's, RS1i's, and possibly PS500's, along with HiFiMan HE500's and probably my Bottlehead Smack amp.

If so I may also bring Denon 2000's...


We are sure to have a nice event like Custom always puts on!

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Doug, add one more.  My girlfriend will be attending, she is bringing her Grado sr125i


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Good, welcome!

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Door prizes will also include three beautiful headphone stands!


We will also have the HiFiMan RE262 IEM's for demonstration.


More to be announced.


Three weeks from yesterday, let us know that you are coming! gs1000.gif



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Gentleman, I would love to be able to take the day off, but I now work part-time for the city and my manager is reluctant to give me any more time off. 


Sorry, guys. 

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Originally Posted by nylan8301 View Post

Gentleman, I would love to be able to take the day off, but I now work part-time for the city and my manager is reluctant to give me any more time off. 


Sorry, guys. 

Weak sauce.  Well, you're still invited to the Bourbon tasting after the meet if you can make that (shameless plug).

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Do this in another year and I'll be able to come :)

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Thanks, we will hope to.

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