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So I think I'm just going to go ahead and buy the 580's. Can I just get some confirmation that this is a good choice. btw I don't care about the clamping strength.

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Originally Posted by Focker View Post

So you tried stretching the band and washing the ear pads? I'm 6'2 and built like an NFL lineman. My head is probably about as big as anyone elses head. It's one thing to say you preferred another headphone, but to say they "hurt" just seems a bit over dramatic to me. But anyway, the point is moot since the OP is looking in a different direction. I just know that I almost listened to this sort of thing about Grados and I almost didn't give them a chance. Most of the criticisms I heard ended up not being true in my case at all.


Let me clarify.  They are actually quite comfy over a short period, and tend to stay cool.  My issue is that the pads will eventually compress down, and my ears will be resting on the drivers. As for the pads themselves... good enough to not throw them in the wash.  I'm keeping my SR-60i's.


Now back on topic.

For closed I'd recommend the HFI-580: good for bass, and not half bad for classical.  Will get a bit warm after a while.  Pretty good isolation both in and out.  If you are gonna listen on the move I'd take these over my choice below.

For open I recommend the HD598: Less bass impact, but still good.  I find em great for classical and rock.  Dubstep is passable, but keep in mind that others will hear your music tastes. 

I can't really vouch for anything else personally, but I have heard good things about the 558, and they are around the same price as the Ultrasones.  Not sure if you can do the 598 mod on them. 


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