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*NEW* KingRex UD384 USB Dac


ONLY $499


The new Kingrex UD384 is probably the BEST VALUE in the USB DAC category.


It has the ability to decode via USB not only bit rates up to 24bit and sample rates up to 192kHz but it can also decode DFF SACD files from your computer. In addition, soon via a driver update, 32bit/352.8kHz will be available.


Did we also mention that it can be used as a USB to Coax SPDIF interface to send digital to your uber high end DAC? Well, it can. dt880smile.png


However, it will not spit out SACD via the Coax SPDIF output. And, it is limited the 24bit-192kHz at the SPDIF output.


We are giving it a BIG Thumbs up here at!


*Moon Audio is the US distributor for KingRex Products and Dealer inquiries are welcome.*





Thank You.

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