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arrggh.....need a pcdp ;0)

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Well, it's come down to it.

I've runned out of hard drive space. Right now I"m listening to direct rips - WAVS on my computer on my Sennheiser 545s /w Fortissimo II.

Plans for the future though? My Philips HP 910 should be here soon and depending on how I like/don't like the sound, I"m getting HD-600 level headphones /w amp.

Right now though I want to migrate from my computer to finally some audio cds. . What would be a good pcdp to have? i've tried searching the threads but have come up /w nothing.

Basically my big thing is sound quality. That's all that really matters. The second of all would be practicablity. Like I wouldn't want to buy that old Sony cd player due to the fact that I have to buy some $30+ 9V batteries for it.

I"m looking for a pcdp that I could carry around /w some skip-proof, but not like jogging. It would mainly be used for like at home and crap. Number 1 important thing: sound quality, 2: no extra crap that I want to pay for.

Recommendations? I know some of you guys are just itching to let me know what your favorite pcdp is. Please! TEll! Tell!
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sound quality out of phones out or line out?
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Sony CD Walkman DE220 (no car kit). Costs 50 bucks, and believe it or not, it sounds pretty good!
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Slap me silly but line out?
Also right now I would be currently using hte pcdp /w out an amp. Would that be an issue?

I would be considering an amp in the future though.
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note: I don't need like megabass, equalizer options, a remote control, etc. etc. All that stuff. Any type of help would be appreciated.
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For line out i recommend the sony 925

The phones out is terrible though...
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I would say either the Panasonic SL-CT570 or 470 will meet all of your criteria. I would recommend the 570 (I have both), if for no other reason, for the 10 second uncompressed anti-shock. I just got the 570 a couple of months ago for $80 from Onecall.com.

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I'd recommend the pana ct570.
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