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Guys is the cks99 better than the cks77? Planning to get either one of them soon. I need your replies ASAP. Will I get the cks99 or will I go with the cks77? Please help!!


Why not JVC FX99X instead of the AT's or at least get an CKS990is which would be better than the older models? What do the 2013 models offer in early 2017 :) except maybe being cheap but since AT is a big target for fakes you can't always trust the cheap prices and have to weed through them or get them from a rock solid trusted retailer.

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Is the bass also that good with the ckr9 and ckr10? which has more bass than the two? I want the best soundstage, good instrument separation and a non fatiguing bass. ckr's or the cks99?

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by the way speaking of fakes or let's say the "high-end" fakes. Do they also sound good? Some people say if eyes closed it's hard to tell the difference between them when you listen to them. So I dropped the cks77 on my list. Now it's the cks99 or one of those ckr's. Need help! Thanks

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