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Originally Posted by fuzzyash View Post

i think all of the cks series iems have relatively the same sound sig
so if you find the cks77 have too much, you might want to look at other iems...
I'm not really looking for new items, I just thought a comparison between the generations would be really interesting.
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I've just ordered the ATH-CKS99 from and I've never bought any AT gear before. Thus I would like to know the opinion of others who have bought this. What does it sound like? Is it as good as what DsNuts says about the the little brother ATH-CKS77 or better? 


I see that a newer version has come out, wonder what's different to the older one?



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I have the cks77 and i just got a cks99 refurbished from ebay...


Burning it atm... Anyone else tried the cks99?

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i have tried cks77 and 99. 99 is best thing i have ever tried. 77 isnt far off either. only highs are bit too much for me. Probably will buy cks77x soon. They are only 400 yen cheaper than cks99.
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Just received the ATH-CKS99 and plugged it straight into the Samsung Note II. Using PowerAmp with 96kHz, 24bit FLAC files and the sound is simply amazing!


These are so comfortable compared to the Sony MH1C that I can easily wear these for hours without a problem. Microphonics are an issue and need to wear the cable behind to minimize it.


I have to thank Dsnuts on starting the ATH-CKS77 thread and eventually leading me to purchase the ATH-CKS99. Was considering giving up on in-ear monitors after the bad experience with the Sony MH1C and stick with headphones as a safe means for listening and enjoying music. 


Great rec Dsnuts!



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Glad you guys are enjoying some of the newer solid bass offerings. I ordered the CKS77X myself. I will compare it to my other CKS earphones..

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How do these compare to the fxz200?
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Would anyone have a recommended burn-in time period for the ATH-CKS99? I've got about 80 hours so far and the sound is simply amazing! basshead.gif Not sure how much longer I would need to keep the burn-in going...



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If they sound good to you I would just start to enjoy them...

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Had make this post at the discovery thread and thought I'll also ask for opinions here.


How' the mid bass of the CKS77X? Would appreciate some feedbacks if the mid bass is the driving force behind the sound or is it balanced with
the rest of the sond frequency.

If possible, I'll appreciate some thoughts if it's an upgrade from the old CKS90. If so, please kindly chip in with some differences between the 2. Or should I be looking at the CKS99 and CKS1000?

Thanks in advance.

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I should have my CKS77X here by next week. I will compare the CKS90 and CKS77X for you once I get them. All will be answered very soon.

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Originally Posted by Dsnuts View Post

I should have my CKS77X here by next week. I will compare the CKS90 and CKS77X for you once I get them. All will be answered very soon.

That will be great. Thanks and look forward to your comparison.

The CKS line of phones are making decision making rather difficult as almost all impression for each individual models are mostly positive.

So, now the question is whether which would be the best value but clear upgrade for me coming from the CKS90LTD. I do really need more experience members here like you and others to chip in to help me in making a well informed decision.
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Hi Dsnuts, I'm really looking forward to the comparison between CKS77X and CKS90.

Hope you have enough time for this and doesn't take away much of your time for your studies.

Thanks in advance.
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Please make a detailed comparison between the Sony XB90EX and the ATH-CKS77X. Both aimed at bass lovers at the same price range. Good rivalry. =)

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