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Returning Shure E2C's

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I have some E2C's and the cable bent and wires exposed by the bud. I'm guessing they are over 2 years oldĀ as the warranty is only 2 years. Should I return them for repair or bite the bullet and buy a new pair.

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Yes thats a very old model and headphones have come a long way since then and i dont know if shure would even repair them. FYI almost everyone had wire problems with e2c's .. they were my first in ear headphone and mine split near the strain relief about 2 years after i got mine but by then they had the newer more ergonomic models so i upgraded to the se210's which sounded similar but for that price now you can get substantially better sounding headphones just do a little reading on jokers 200+ iem review for headphones in your price range

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