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Question regarding exchanges for a minor defect

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Firstly, to open... appreciate this is not feedback as such, so apologies in advance if this is the wrong place to post (and please point me in the right direction!). Just didn't seem to sit appropriately anywhere else smily_headphones1.gif


Anyway... I finally receive a full-size amp last week, after waiting ages for delivery (I live down under, in sunny Sydney). It's a beautiful amp, works like a charm. BUT... right out of the packaging, there's a small, 1cm-ish dent / scratch on the top of the amp.


I'm the first to admit it's tiny, but I hope to sell this a year or so down the line to upgrade, and it's in a clearly visible area and sufficient that in good conscience I'd have to flag this in any potential sale. So, for me, it's material enough to worry, and from experience I know it'll bring down sale value. (Let's face it, why pay for a scratched amp when you can have a perfect one?)


I actually think there'll be no problem asking for an exchange. My question is... am I right to also ask for the vendor to cover return delivery? I guess, from my point of view, it's poor QC and shouldn't have shipped in the first place. Comparing, for example, to an iPad - I hardly think anyone would stand for it if the same scratch was on the back, right out of the box.


Since Australia is far away from, well, everything, delivery fees would be a little under 10% of my original order. It's not insubstantial, I know, but I don't particularly feel like I should be left out of pocket because I happened to be shipped something substandard.


So I just wanted to ask... thoughts? Can't stress enough that the intention isn't to ruffle feathers online, etc. - I genuinely just want to know if my position is reasonable, or if I should be giving consideration to the fact that amp vendors can't be compared to big manufacturers, etc. Thanks in advance guys.

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It is not poor QC as much as a decision made on their part to ship a fully functioning unit ( good QC ) and allow some cosmetic issues to ship.  As a consumer it is up to you to give them feedback if that is not alright with you.  I can see both sides and I tend to be a stickler for not only quality but cosmetics.  This is especially true if the unit is sold as new or brand new.  You would not pay full price for a brand new car with a dent in the door would you?


I would not expect them to pay for anything as they have sold you the unit and you have it already.  You could kindly negotiate with them and see if they will exchange the unit at no charge including shipping.  If they say yes you are very set.  If you have to pay shipping then that is the cost at correcting the cosmetic blemish that really does not affect the functionality of the device.


When I manufacture items I have a very low tolerance for cosmetic problems, but many businesses out there have a budget.  This budget takes into account costs.  If you send it back for a new one it may say to them that they can save costs by keeping their cosmetic issues to a minimum.



If it were me and it was brand new and over $500 I would send it back with no hard feelings.

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