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Closed back over ear headphones with good isolation??

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Getting frsutrated....


Been surfing here a while and am looking to upgrade my Fisher Audio FA003's with something better.

Main problem being I am able to listen to music at work and need something with good isolation.

I could have a 'home' and 'office' set up but as I was advised today, I will just be unsatisfied with the office set up in the long run soo..


Any suggestions? 1000 pounds budget if required but less is more!! :)


Looked at lots of suggestions but the nature of the beast seems to be at least some external sound.

If I'm desperate I could consider inner ear stuff but would prefer not!

Any help would be much appreciated!!


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Sorry Leakage!!.. Leakage, isolation is not an issue!
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Grados?  tongue.gif



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what kind of music do you listen too?

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and do you prefer dark or bright headphones?

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Thanks for the reply guys... grados... yep thats what i need ...lol :)


Ok, musical taste... ( or not! )


Anything! but to be more specific...

Am a little older than some so... love dance music, just got the new Shins album and am really enjoying that.... was into heavy metal back in the day so a little Ac/Dc/Black Sabbath too... even got the Carpenters singles  and the Nutcracker ballet on 24bit download the other day so a very wide variety!


I think I'm a neutral balance type of guy, the Fischer's are supposed to be?? I am aware that being older my hearing is bound to be lacking at the extremes? Certainly, 16kHz is a dim memory.. lol..


Have looked at lots of threads on lots of headphones but they don't seem to give an indication of leakage!

Have looked at the Beyer T1 but I believe that is 'semi closed', the D7000 might be good but am worried that they are bass heavy? and are not tight fitting so leakage may be an issue... would just love to go and get some LCD2's but doubt the leakage is good on those?


Hoping to have a Benchmark DAC1 pre very soon, or similiar... quite happy to think about an amp upgrade to add tone to a final solution, if you see what I mean?


I also use the DAC line out to record to a Studio Reel to Reel. That should add tone to my taped output so if I did want to listen direct from tape, neutral would again fit, I think..!?


Hope this makes sense?








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Well, usually more isolation = less leakage.

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Isolation on the Fisher 003 is already quite superb. If isolation = leakage is true it will be probably difficult.


Purely from sound i own besides the fisher 003 only d2ks and love them.


Leakage seems to be pretty similar as the fisher though and that kind of seems to go against the isolation equals leakage theory posted abov, as fisher is much mor eisolated than d2k.



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I just replaced my UE TF10 with a pair of B&W P5 and even though the former has a much higher price, the P5 blows it away. I guess the larger diafragms allow for a much deeper bass as well as more revealing mids. Admittedly, this is with an iPhone and without using an amp. I haven't sold my TF10 yet because I want to see if the synergy is there with the DX100 which is on it's way. The isolation of the P5 is excellent and listening for a longer period doesn't make my ears hurt like the TF10 did. So in short, if you're looking for a good pair of closed, portable cans and price is no issue, try the P5s.

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