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Hey all I'm planning on buyin the following IEMs but wondering is this site the real deal because I don't want to end up with replicas/fakes
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Yes, they are an authorised dealer of Soundmagic. Actually MP4 Nation is a very good and trustful store, and all their IEMs are real and great!

Click China ---> Hong Kong.


P.S. I have bought Brainwavz M4 and Soundmagic PL50 from them. biggrin.gif

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I can vouch for them too (friend has bought a Brainwavz IEM from them before). In fact they're quite well known here as the place to buy Brainwavz, Fiio, and Soundmagic products.



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second that...bought M2, Nationite N2, Fiio E17 and Beta's....

only issue could be the case when you choose free shipping:

a seller tries to swim across the ocean and deliver them personally :)

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Yes, mp4nation is legit. I've bought a couple of brainwavz IEMs from them, no problem so far

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I believe MP4nation is the home of brainwavz. Not sure though. Their legit, my friend bought some HM5's from there.

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I bought from them before, they're legit, no problem.

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