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Originally Posted by Parall3l View Post

Considering what they did with Quincy Jones I don't think something bad is going to happen. Maybe it's a rebadged K550?

That's the first thought that crossed my mind. If it was AKG's first foray into celebrity endorsed headphones, there would be a higher probability of concern over them going the Beats route, but so far they haven't really dishonored themselves and the customers :)


Still, one would assume that if the celebrity endorsement is tied to a certain music genre, then the headphones would have sonic characteristics that would play better with that genre, which is why I'm not so sure the K550 would be the model chosen, unless they do a differently tuned version of them.

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As a Q701 user I don't think this will necessarily end up as a bad thing. But again, I don't know anything about this Tiesto guy and I'm not sure if his music style fits well with the AKG sound.

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its called marketing guys, thats all.



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Mehhh, they do not look appealing.

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Tiesto was once quite a respectable trance producer and dj!

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I wonder if this will be in any way similar to the K550, kinda like how Q701 vs K702/K701

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I bet one of them will have ANC as well...

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While I definitely think this style of marketing and celebrity endorsement is a bad thing, and it has lowered my opinion of AKG even further, we don't know that the headphones will be bad. The Q701 wasn't bad, was it?

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Originally Posted by zantif View Post

Tiesto was once quite a respectable trance producer and dj!

Maybe you do or don't respect him...and he's definitely not limited to trance anymore, but he's more popular now than he ever was.  He's slowed down on the production front, however he headlined over 300 events/festivals in the past year and every one of his shows have sold out.


As for his headphones, I'll definitely be checking them out myself to see if they're any good for electronic music.  Though, I will be hesitant about the purchase if there is a huge TIESTO written on it.  His logo I can deal with, but his name is a bit much.SUBMIT

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omg i might actually buy these, i love tiesto!!!1



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But they are sponsored by a celebrity and he uses them on camera so they MUST BE GOOD... /sarcasm

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lol they might be. aren't the Q702 good?



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They look like nicer looking K840's...





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Why not AKG jump in on the celebrity endorsed headphones bandwagon? It's free cash right there. They could possibly use the profit to make truly newer headphones in the future. Right? As long as it's not horrendously overpriced for the sound quality. But then again, the headphones price from big player has been steadily rising anyways.

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For celebrity endorsements, I think it's a good idea if it is done *well*, which AKG has done in the past. As for Tiesto, just because you're not a fan of the genre/artist doesn't mean AKG is doing a bad thing. Tiesto is actually quite well known, and very highly regarded in his circles; he's not some Justin Bieber or Skrillex. Honestly, AKG knows what they're doing, and seems to only be working with respectable artists. Working with artists and showing companies like Beats how it's really done doesn't mean AKG is selling out, I think it's a good idea as long as they keep the same quality as they did with Quincy Jones.

I would like to say, though, is I'm not a fan of tiesto at the moment, but I have been for a short time in the past (though I've been a fan of a lot for a short time in the past).


The combo of AKG and Tiesto is a bit strange, however. I'd expect something like Tiesto and Ultrasone.

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