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For Sale: Beautiful OTL AMP FOR SALE

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For Sale:

Will Ship To: U.S.

I need to sell some items and raise money for current medical bills. No real steals but good gear nonetheless. First up:

A very nice Bottlehead Crack OutputTransformerLess tube headphone amp designed for high impedance headphones (>200 ohm). This is a kit built amp.

You can read all about this model at the Bottlehead site. It is very fast, very transparent and detailed. It uses a 12au7 driver with a 6080/6as7g output tube. The simple circuit and low parts count keep the signal pure and reduce noise.

I have made a couple of modifications from the stock kit. First is a new Neutrik locking headphone jack. The second is a switchable crossfeed filter on the input. There is alot of info on Crossfeed filters on the web if you want to find out more about them. It took a little while to get used to it, but now I do all my listening with it on. It really helped reduce fatigue for me. By adding a little of each channel to the mix, a much more relaxed soundstage is created. I built the filter on a prototyping board with Dale, Riken, and PRP resistors along with Dayton 1% Metalized Polypropelene caps. It is wired with a 4P2T switch that allows me to switch it completely out of the circuit when turned off. I originally built this amp about a year ago and it's been in storage for quite some time. Last month I pulled it out and disassembled it to put a nice finish on the top plate and add the crossfeed.

Build quality is very nice. This was not thrown together in an evening by a noob.  I have been building for years and take my time.  The Aluminum toplate rests on the wood base, it is not attached. It was sanded and finished in Dark Bronze. It has a burnished metal look. There are a couple of very small pinholes in the finish above the crossfeed switch that don't show in the pictures. The base has a few coats of Tung Oil and looks great. It is a little more golden than it looks in the pictures. (The camera is bad. The color is washed out in most pics. The base is more golden and the top is a little more bronze and less lead)

I listen to the amp with my Senn 600's and the detail is fantastic. I've also used it with lower impedance cans to good effect, but it is designed for higher impedance.

I will send along the orginal manual on CD and an extra 12au7. Tubes included are: PhillipsECG 12au7 made in USA(extremely detailed and strongest testing au7 I have), Sylvania made in USA 12au7(not as detailed, easier to listen to and fuller sound), and a Beckman branded metal base 6080 made in USA. I never did try rolling in any other 6080's or try the 6as7g. I also have a few different types of knobs (skirted,chickenhead,vintage RCA and mini style) if you don't like the look.

A factory built Crack currently costs $430.


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Nice amp!

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How has no one picked this up yet???? I sure would if i had the money.

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There are a couple of interested parties, but no one has committed yet.


This amp is great for someone who wants to get a taste of that SET(single-ended-triode) magic.  It is not syrupy but has a speed and transparency, plus that certain SET something that gives a spooky 'real' sound.  I remember the first time I listened to my Taylor guitars compilation 'Sounds of Wood and Steel' with the amp.  Track 6 'Ava's Eyes' with Don Was and Ritchie Sambora has some background sounds in the studio.  I literally turned off the amp and took a look around the house to make sure I was still alone.  I came back restarted the track and heard it again, but my first instinct was still 'that sound was real and not on the recording'.  The only problem with getting a taste of SET is that you may feel compelled to get a full size setup that puts out a couple watts and requires refrigerator sized speakers.


If you want to get an upgrade, I have a nice DACT CT series stereo stepped attenuator that I can put in the package for $80.  If you want me to install it, it will run another $20.  The DACT pcb style pads only take one wire so I have to do a little rewiring for the grounds.  I was using this control in the amp before I rebuilt it for the paint job and it is pretty nice.

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Can you please tell me if the crossfeed circuit will still allow for the Speedball option from Bottlerhead?
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Yes, the crossfeed is located between the input jacks and the volume control.  It does not affect any other part of the circuit and would not interfere with the speedball upgrade.

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Still available.


Will ship anywhere in the continental U.S. for $310 no paypal fee.

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Will be packed bombproof and shipped to your door for $310 US dollars.


If you have higher impedance headphones you will love the sound of this amp.  It has detail in spades, but with a very inviting sound.  It isn't etched or harsh like some solid state devices can be.  It is very inviting, like sliding into a hot bath.  If listening to heaphones for long periods causes fatigue the crossfeed may help.  It did for me.

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Wish I had the extra funds - nice build!  You think about keeping it around until after the S.E.X. is built to compare?

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Sold! Can't wait!biggrin.gif:D:mad:
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