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Is there a diference in gain between XLR and normal headphone jack?

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Originally Posted by mowglycdb View Post

Is there a diference in gain between XLR and normal headphone jack?


Yes, there is significantly more gain from the XLR.

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Since I have had my NFB-6 for a while now, I guess it is time to post and say what I think.



1. An incredible deal.

2. Very well constructed.

3. Very flexible and convenient. Plenty of inputs and outputs and a remote.

4. Sounds fantastic, as long as your source material is up to par.

5. Makes a great pre-amp for 2 channel audio as well as being good for headphones.



1. Does not look that great. I don't really mind, I would rather spend my money on quality electronics than fancy boxes.

2. It absolutely slaughters poor source material. Forget about listening to internet radio or low res files, at least if you have a good amp and speakers or high resolution headphones. It is seriously unforgiving.



Audio has been my hobby for a long time. I have never been happier with any component than I am with the NFB-6.


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out of the XLR jack  it sounds much better,  forget about using it unbalanced it looses power, airyness, bass punch, smooth treble. I'm currently waiting for some Q silk cables to see some sort of improvement. Maybe in the future I'll consider replacing NFB 6 or NFB 1.32 for  Master 8 and Master 7.  toooooo much cash for now.

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Yes, I have read that there is a huge difference between the single ended headphone output and the balanced. I was not quite ready to believe it and it is hard to compare them because the output level from them is so different. Well, I level matched them and goodness gracious, the balanced output is way better, punch, bass, detail, you name it, it is all better with the XLR.

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Mine is on the way. Feeling quite excited. Since i have many cans, I will post a nice review, being as objective as possible.
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I finally received my NFB-6 after a long wait.


It's just been 2 hours, so I cannot comment, and I have just spent 30 min with the headphone amp single ended only. I also realize the device needs to burn in, but having spent 1+ hour with the preamp, I must say it's quite tremendous.


Decay is much more noticeable with notes seeming to hang in the air just a bit more and quite audible. I find some drum and guitar passages sounding a bit more exciting.


I've used the single ended headphone amp out with my HD650's and they seem to be driven reasonably well, though at times, I can feel something is missing.


Thank you all who helped me choose :)

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you'll probably notice differences with the next 50 to 100 hours.  Use the balanced output, SE is not worth it. balanced has much more controlled bass and more dynamic.

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One question - is burning in of the pre-amp section different from the headphone amp section? So I would need to do 100 hours on both right?

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I don't know, but I think it doesn't matter, it performs well as a pre-amp

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all my headphones have stereo plugs ... how can I use the XLR(Balanced) out ?

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