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Superlux sound signature

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Hi all,


Earlier this evening I stumbled upon a Superlux thread and have been reading about these phones that seems to be making quite a few waves around the net. I am interested in picking up a pair or two given their price and decent build quality, as well as there is a Canadian retailer. A lot has been said about the sound quality and how good it is for the money. i have also gleaned that the highs on most models are quite pronounced, even strident or etched. So my question is which model is the least treble forward and sounds the best 'out of the box'. I hate strident highs and I also don't want to have to mod them too much if at all possible. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



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I have only heard the ($50 now at Amazon) Superlux HD668B Dynamic Semi-Open Headphones.  They are excellent and an outstanding buy that needed burn in for me.  The only significant "problem" is that the hi-mids are too forward--even after burn in.  I have not heard an equal or better can for near its price--except the CAL! (when it's priced in the $50's as it was about 24 hours ago).

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Samson SR850 (made by Superlux).

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If you go to this page you can look at the Superlux brochures for their products.




They have frequency response graphs that give a good way to compare the different models. I have the CAD mh310 ( Superlux hd662 ) and while the highs are quite strong they don't bother me on most music. Some yes but not most.

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I am anxiously awaiting my HD668Bs to arrive in the mail. I will post my impressions of them once I receive them. 

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Great--but you will probably have to burn them in to get their best.

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I received my 668s in the mail today. I am enjoying them so far out of the box. I will post a more detailed review once my comp is back online.
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