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Super awesome... buying this album for sure! Reminds of the music I liked watching Deadwood, Hell on Wheels etc... Thanks!

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I've realized for me, the only way I can due any justice for this album is if I listen to it as follows:


  • On my HifiMAN HE-5LE headphones with the speaker taps an 4-pin XLR connector in place.
  • The Fostex T50RPs (modified), and driven by the HifiMAN EF-2A can't provide the proper detail for this album.
  • The Sennheiser HD-580s being pushed by a regular receiver headphone out jack doesn't due very well.


Some other configurations that I'll need to try to see if I can get the most mileage out of this latest work would be by:


  • Testing my HifiMAN HE-400s when they get replaced by the manufacturer and the I carefully run them off of the speaker taps.
  • Test the Sennheiser HD-580s as they are driven by the HifiMAN EF-2A.


There is so much detail in this album with the percussion, one really needs to have some headphones, or speakers a bit further up the food chain in order to give this proper appreciation.  Amazing stuff !

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The last track Pretty Bird sung by Rhiannon Giddens Is a real stand-out. I've always been a sucker for a cappella and listening to this with my RS-1s is just amazing.

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Thanks again Mike! Will be checking them out. Cant wait for your next music related thread to see(and hear) what treasure it unveils :-)

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For those Leyla McCalla fans, here's a link to 5 of her downloads (in MP3 format) that are free to download:




I realize that Mike provided us with a link to "Girl" - however, in addition to "Girl", you'll find 4 other songs on the link as well.  Enjoy!

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Here's an Old Crowe live performance from a few years back. They have a great sound -  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ir9HbkjWSIE&feature=related

Originally Posted by wje View Post

Thank you for this review of the new album from "The Chocolate Drops".  I've listened to their previous work, and have grown an appreciation for string music - or, North Carolina ... or southern string music.  If someone is used to listening to music with a much faster pace, then it may take time to get used to this offering.  However, if you're fortunate enough to latch on and appreciate it, one can really get into what is being offered and appreciate the beauty in it.


For those that might like string music, but with a faster pace, then the Old Crowe Medicine Show or The Avett Brothers might be more their speed.  However, for me, it's all good.


Now, here is where my point of concern lies.  I'm fortunate enough to live in the suburbs of Washington, DC.  But, I'm not sure how this concert, at the Library of Congress, slipped past me.  I would have loved to have attended it.


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Just read this, and I read the interview with Joe Thompson.  It's a pretty neat story all-together.   

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I don't mean to offend and this is strictly my personal opinion. 

I feel "classical" music from the United States as very numb and boring. 

That opinion aside I would like to know if you can feature something latin-american next, maybe something not so underground this time. 

A couple suggestions would be Zoe, Soda Estereo (Legendary), Panda, Division Minúscula or maybe some more peaceful stuff like Caetano Veloso.

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^Not to be rude, but if this is an area of music you're interested in, why not start your own thread? Why ask someone else?
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Originally Posted by rroseperry View Post

^Not to be rude, but if this is an area of music you're interested in, why not start your own thread? Why ask someone else?

Amen.  Really unbelievable.  Mike is not anyone's personal DJ and I don't see the benefit of saying you don't like someone else's musical taste in a thread about that particular music.  This is not American 'Classical' music either.  rolleyes.gif  I often find that those that dislike entire genres tend to know the least about them.

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I just think it would be nice that you get to know those things if you don't already. As for the other part of my comment I have heard a lot of content with that style and I am not interested in it, just that, I know that it can be a bad idea like for someone to wear a justin beaver shirt to a metallica concert as for me to comment that, either way just disregard it.

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Wow, we are not on the same page at all.  My friend and I go to Korn, Godsmack, Rammstein concerts and mosh wearing Justin Timberlake and Taylor Swift shirts.  I'm Taylor.  tongue.gif  

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Just forget me (But that is odd, maybe you live in a less "hardcore" community)

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This is a primo review of a primo group.  Very well done.

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I just watched a fantastic Alan Lomax production on Folkstreams. This link will take you to Appalachian Journeys - a collection from the PBS American Patchwork series. This is a must-watch.




And while we are at it - don't forget to check out Lomax's youtube channel for hundreds of archives:


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