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Comparison between the M50s and the Studios are (finally) up.

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Originally Posted by GigaFi View Post

Comparison between the M50s and the Studios are (finally) up.


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Is the M50 a better value than the Beats Pro? Hell yeah! But does it sound better? Hell no!



It feels like you really need to defend the Beats and put down the over hyped M50's. I have A/Bed these phones now for 3 days and I can't see anyone except an inexpirienced listener who loves boom, to say the Beats are superior. Bass quality-it's not even a fair race. Beats have nothing below 40hz or so. M50's produce great 20hz notes. Mids-while the M50's are a tad light, the Beats have a cheap sound to them in this area. Highs, same thing for the Beats, it's rolled off but what is there reminds me of a inexpensive car tweeter. It just doesn't sound good. M50's can be a tad bright on some tracks but the details and ability to be accurate really clobber the Beats. Again, if all you want it what's popular and boom boom sound, you would choose the Beats. If accurate, detailed sound with a great build quality at a reasonable price-$111 at Amazon, to me it's a no brainer. M50's.

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Now i know that tons of people claim beats are the best headphones and i think that we all agree that they arent and i think that that is also the case here.  i have heard that the m50's need a burn in period where u=you play them at moderate volume for days (i have done a pair for 120 hours before they were great sounding).  If you didnt do that, then the bass on them isnt an adequate test and i honestly dont think that you have released the full beast hidden within the m50's.

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Beats sound like one of those inflatable bouncy balls piled in the diaper/toys isle at the supermarket being dribbled on my ear. I don't see how anyone who has become even briefly accustomed to neutrality or ever done anything related to recording/pro audio can physically stomach that bouncing, booming, echoing sound signature. It's like listening to an album recorded in a 4'x4'x100' hallway.


However, the fact that the M50s are so constantly compared to Beats and you even go on YouTube and see kids having months long trench comment warfare over the great M50 vs Beats question really doesn't make me want to try M50s a second time. They almost seem degraded by the association.

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The thing is not everyone cares about neutraliy... I have auditioned both the M50 and Beats Pros (at home over a week) and greatly prefer the beats pro.

The M50 does have a slight bass boost but its bass lacks impact.
For the music I listen to, I would pick the Beats Pros over the M50 any day.

However I agree that the beats pros are not worth their MSRP. And I like my Q40s better than both :P.
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PS great review Gigafi.

I cant edit my posts as Im on my phone.
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See the Q40s are a prime example of why it's not just an issue of neutrality. The Q40s have tons of bass but it's thunderous, powerful theater-type bass -- and they also have great mid range if you roll the bass down a little. They aren't my thing but while I owned them I admitted that they were a near perfect execution of that sound preference.


The Beats Pros on the other hand:


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But thats the thing. For my sound preferences and those of many consumers, the extra bass is welcome. I can purchase a pair of m50s in like new condition for $65 from a friend, but I most likely will not because of the missing bass impact. But if I found the Beats Pros under or close to $200, they wouldnt be that bad tbh. The style, build and sound would be worth it IMO.


In the end it just matters on what your preferences are. But and listen to what you enjoy. Beats may not be worth the MSRP, but certainly arent terrible.

Solo: Turd

Solo HD: Polished Turd

Studios: Mediocore, but pretty fun

Pros: Genuinely good, as long as you like bass

M50: Techinically a very good headphone, but does not fit my preferences. 

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uhh well they are still over priced and who needs that " BOOM BOOM BOOM". The M50 bass is fine for me I even listen to edm ( seven lions Rogue, Lucky Date etc) I just amp up mostly the mids on the m50s that's about it. Clear sound w/ decent bass > " BOOM BOOM BOOM"

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The amount of bass that the m50 has is fine. Its just that it has like NO impact.
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well if you need the boom boom boom and also the sub bass then save huge money and get the xb 500... more bass power than anything else and only 50 $

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Comparing $400 dollar headphones (Beats Pro) to $120 headphones (ATH-M50's), these prices are from amazon. And there being not much of a difference between the two. It's a no brainer for me to go with the M50's. You'd have to be a complete tool bag to get the Beats!

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That wasnt the point of the review... Obviously the M50 are better value for money... I think he even said that.
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