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Y Spitter

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My source is mainly DVD movies through my Denon 2105 90 W a/v receiver, and oppo dv-981hd player. Older gear.

We have dogs so at 8pm I go to headphones. I listen through my Denon AH-D950s. I follow nhra too and crank it to 0 every race. They are amazing.


I want to be able to have two of us share the audio. I have another pair of 950's so as to negate any equalizing/balancing problems.

My questions are:

Is there a superior splitter?

Is there quality degradation?


thanks in advance





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As long as you avoid $1 chinese splitters, lol, you shouldn't have issues.


Try the Grado splitter or a find one locally (Monster, Belkin, etc.).


Or you can build your own to the size and look that you want.

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