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The replacement cable is $16.80 + shipping from Sennheiser:


If you've got a break, you could cut the break out of the wire and resolder it (cheapest option, if you've got the tools). However, soldering the Sennheiser wire is no fun at all. The wire is very small, and has an insulated coating that must be removed. There are some tips on Jan's page (www.meier-audio.com) on how to do it.
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Originally posted by fiddler
Well, actually it's voilĂ .
Yeah, I knew that. But I left off the accented "a" because I wasn't sure if it would show up properly in all browsers.
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I guess if I don't do anything this upcoming weekend I can afford it. Being at a boarding school means that I can't make any money, so I am basicly spending what my parents give me. I feel bad everytime I buy something, especialy if it isn't absolutly neccisary.
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Capt. I had the same problem, and I used it as an excuse to upgrade to Clou's. I would gladly send you my old cables for free, but I live in Vladivostok, and the shipping would make it unfeasible. (I sent a DHL letter the other day and it cost me 70 bucks.) Take the weekend off at boarding school. If it was anything like mine, it will mean forgoing a plastic fifth of vodka and some power-aid. It will save you a nasty hangover, and you will get to listen to your headphones again!
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Hey guys: I haven't even taken the cable out of my 580s yet. I've had em since the summer ended. What should I clean them with, for future notice?
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well, is ordered. $20.30 shipped. Not as bad as I thought it would be. Turns out that this upcoming weekend we have classes on Saturday and have several school paid events (midnight bowling, yay! Maybe I can break 200 this time) So I won't have to spend any of my own money. My V6's will hold me until I get them I guess.....
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