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Noooo! HD580connection

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For the last two week I've been in audio heaven. the 580's I got from Todd R simply blew away my V6's, until today. Without warning, the right channel wasn't working, I touched the plug, and it worked, I took my finger off and it stopped. I jiggled it and it intermitantly worked. NOOOOOOO! the dreaded bad connection problem.

Well, After attempting to use my v6's, I decided I need the 580s, so right now they are working because I taped the cord up to make a good connection, but that isn't going to cut it. I need to get this fixed. I was wondering how much it will cost me because they are not under warrenty (I was kind of hoping since this is a know problem that senn would only carge me S&H to get it fixed). Also, what is the turn around time, how long will I have to do without these things?

And finaly, has anyone else had the smae problem, I think I'm going to need a support group to help me deal with this....
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I don't own a pair, but i've read many posts where sometimes all you need to do is unplug and plug the cord back in (maybe the cord/connector thingy in the can is dirty?). The cord is removeable so you dont need to actually send them back to Sennheiser for repair. If the unplug/plug back in doesn't work then order a replacement cable from headphone.com. I don't understand why these cords go bad with the 580's so much.

Best of Luck!


ps. also do a search on this site regarding this problem, maybe i left something out.
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Take the cord out, shuv it back in. You probably yanked it accidentally.
Otherwise, USE electronic tape... But do not use superglue or any other liquid-solid adhesive!
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It isn't the cord, it's the jack inside the headphone that goes bad, I think the spring contacts inside get bent back in and don't maintain a good connection.. I know it is removable, and I have tried reinseting it may times. The odd thing is I haven't done anything to cause it, I unpluged the left cord once just to say "cool", but other than that I havn't abused them in any way.
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Manual labor:
Get a head lamp, magnifying glass, and tweezers/needlenose pliers and work it.
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Get a head lamp, magnifying glass, and tweezers/needlenose pliers and work it.
*stares at 1mm holes* riiiiight.
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I had the dreaded Sennheiser connection problem a year or two ago (can't remember if it was my HD545's or HD580's, they use the same cable), all I did was remove the cable from both earpieces, use some electrical contact cleaner on both the plugs and sockets, and walla, no more intermittent connection problem. Haven't had any problems since either.

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meithkiller, you are my hero! If you were here I would kiss you, but fortunatly for both of us you arn't, so I will instead listen to music for a while......
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Hrm, residue buildup?
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Glad to be of service. In fact I think it is a good practice to remove all interconnects, patch cables, headphone cables, etc about once a year (or more) and clean and treat them. I personally don't do this but I think it would be a good habit to get into.

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Re: Noooo! HD580connection

The replacement headphone cables are about US$20. I recommend buying several, because shipping costs are the same no matter how many you buy, and then you'll never be without '580 sound. It's hard to live without, isn't it?

I've never had problems with the contact inside the headphones, but the cables themselves seem to often break on me, around the strain relief on the connector. The symptoms are the same as you report.
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Damm, they were working for quite a while with no problem!
Actually you do need to clean the connection with some Caig R5 and then treat the plug with Pro Gold. The previous poster was right, it is a common problem with that design, and a good cleaning keeps them working for a while, but you have to perform regular maintenance on this crappy connector they use.
Sorry, I should have told you.
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Well, I found this thread too late to be any real help. So I'm left with mop-up duties.
Originally posted by meithkiller
...and walla, no more intermittent connection problem.
Funny, my brother spells "voila" that way too...
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Actualy, I found out too late last night to post (internet shuts off at 1:00) that it was actualy the cable. hooked up my mulitmeter and cranked the volume (without the headphones connected) and I would wiggle it and get signal, move it again and get none. Apparently the wire is broken right below the strain relief, as you said.

This is a bigger problem, because when I look in my wallet I have a few reciets and a dime. If I'm going to buy cables I'd much rather save up and buy some Clou's, but that will take a while. Are there any extremely geneorous clou owners out there what would be willing to send me their old stock cable for $5-10. I really cannot afford a new one.....wich is really pathetic.
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Originally posted by Russ Arcuri
Funny, my brother spells "voila" that way too...
Well, actually it's voilà.
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