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Thoughts on DUNU: 


On first opening the DN -16 box, you could tell, this was a good kick out of the 100 bucks. The earphones and a leather case/pouch is held in a furry-smooth topped plastic case, that makes the earphones and leather pouch looking flawless. After taking out the plastic case, you are welcomed with 9 pairs of eartips with a cable clip and a pair earhooks, a definite sign of choice. When having closer examination towards the earbuds, you see a angled gold plated jack, with a silicone band that keeps the earbuds from tangling (the cable already does have a sense of tangle-free to it though), a nice smooth titanium cable splitter is further ahead, and then the earbuds themselves; made with red flames hovering over dark gray shiny metal it makes a perfect combination to design and fashion. Overall, based on their effort to making satisfied customers, DUNU is now one of my favorite brands.  









Here are the pictures of the DN-16 Hephaes themselves: (Please take advantage of the resolution sizes of the pictures and open/zoom on them)






First Look, First Open, and Accessories:















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