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Well, for what it's worth, there are at least 2 people on this planet that suffer from RawDawg's particular ear ailment...I also find the Sig Pros to be the brightest of the Ultrasones I've heard. I can't say that I've heard that many though, just the HFi 2400s, the Pro 900s and the Pro 2900s (and the Sig Pros, of course). Based on my experience with those cans, I've generally found the Ultrasone house sound to be very, very bass heavy. Maybe it isn't that the Sig Pros are bright, they may just be more neutral with weaker tonal saturation than the other Ultrasones I've heard. But the 2400s weren't real high-end headphones in my book, the Pro 900s I thought were terrible and gave me headaches all the time, and the Pro 2900s were very good, but their sound signature was some sort of super-saturated Kool-Aid acid test. It was like listening to your music with the saturation knob turned up to "11" all the time. There was something very unnatural about the sound. They were definitely excellent headphones, but the artificialness of the sound bothered me. The Sig Pros were a revelation. They aren't quite up to the level of the HD800s, but they are very, very close, and I find it a marvel that they get anywhere close, considering the technical challenges posed by a closed-back design. And I definitely think the Sig Pros are more detailed than the LCD-2s. Not sure about the HE-500s though (I just don't remember the HE-500s well enough to say either way - I remember they were quite detailed, however, which is why I am being cautious).


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I really think its the implementation of the S-Logic that makes opinions so polarizing on some of the Ultrasone headphones - love/hate relationships are pretty prevalent, at least more than I've observed with other headphone companies.

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They sound great but I am going to have to get rid of mine. They are too big for my head staying on only by clamping which makes for an unpleasent for extended periods of time. I am trading them in for Beyerdynamic T5P

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