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Exactly when is this breathing? My copy of the Album in MP3 (25th year edition,) starts Smooth Criminal immediately with a loud crescendo and heartbeats. Due to the masking this would cause, I doubt anyone is going to pickup breathing very softly when the music is thumping.

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lol you can easily hear breathing here and this is obviously crappy quality.  You can even hear it on terribad 240p wink.gif

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^If that is the breathing, I think it's just the recording. Mine doesn't have that, but when I playback the video on my laptop speakers (below average even for laptops,) I can hear it distinctly. 

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My first thought on this that it's not the properties of mp3 or flac that make the difference but it's probably due to the flac file being from a different (better) remaster.

I'd say (properly) encode the flac file into MP3-320 and chances are that you can hear the breathing just as well as with the flac file.

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IMHO, lots of youngster don't "GET" classical music because they don't have enough money to buy a sound reproduction system to enjoy it!

Classical is the HIGH END in music! Technically, sonically, theorically, artistically, humanly!

Classical is not stained by the bitchy music industry making dollars and advertisement...



i dont agree with the rest of your post on mp3's, but i will agree with this. classical music is just entirely different when played on good equipment. i never enjoyed it until i heard it on higher end stuff.

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Flac is technically better but I could not hear it until I got 24/XX files so I think it really difficult to hear huge differences between properly encoded 320K CBR files and 16/44 flacs.


In my opinion CD's sound much better than mp3 but still unnatural/artificial, specially most modern remastered tracks

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