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My MG Head blew a fuse

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So there I was, listening to my MG HeadDT(OTL) and I notice the (solvable) MG HeadBuzz. Figuring I don't have to turn off the amp to solve it (it's just twisting some wires after all!) I very carefully pull out the front power switch...
POP! Mahler's Symphony No. 2 is interrupted by my room losing power as the fuse blows

Figuring one of the power wires came loose, I opened it up (very very carefully using an insulated screwdriver) after turning it off and disconnecting the power. (Un?)Fortunately everything looked alright, all the wires in place... Until I notice the small fuse in the PCB. Pulling out my handy multimeter, I discover the fuse is blown.

What should I do? Send it back to HeadRoom and see if they can find the problem? Replace the fuse and see if the amp works?
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You could just jump the fuse holder to see if it works, and if it does, just replace the fuse... though if other parts of the amp broke, you could potentially annihilate the amplifier... Seeing what you have done to it, I don't think basic warranties/returns will work if you know what I mean...
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I've done nothing to it that could create a problem. Besides, AFAIK HeadRoom would charge for a repair no matter what...

And I think I'll try finding a fuse replacement and trying that, I'm *NOT* interested in frying my precious MG HeadDT...
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Incidentally, does anyone know what type/value the fuse is? It's not marked in the schematic.
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Usually it is engraved in the fuse itself...
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I fixed it!

Indeed, and this fuse is no different; I just didn't look close enough! *feels stupid*

It's a 1 amp 250V fuse; the one originally in the MG HeadDT is slow-blow although I'm currently using a normal fast-blow without issues, I couldn't find a slow-blow in the correct size. Anyhoo, replacing it fixed the problem.
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The difference between a fast acting and a slo-blo is measured in milliseconds. I would get the slow blo just out of adhearance to the original design but the fast acting will work fine, glad you figured it out!
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What did you mean by twisting the wires? Did you mean the wires to the power switch?

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