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For Sale: PS Audio Jewel AC Power Cable (6 feet) 2 meter

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For Sale:
PS Audio Jewel AC Power Cable (6 feet) 2 meter

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Like new condition. bought for 95$. ask for price shipping in US, paypal as gift or add 3%. ship anywhere with actual cost.



PS Audio's most affordable entry level AC power cord is perfect for any source equipment, digital products and small to medium power amplifiers that uses the more standard three prong detachable IEC power connector found on most high-end equipment. PS AC power cables are unequaled from a construction quality and performance standpoint. The PS Jewel allows anyone to replace their stock power cables and make an immediate noticeable improvement. If your detachable power cable uses the smaller "shaver plug" C7 style connector, choose the Jewel C7 version instead. Choosing to upgrade your power cables can make a significant improvement to your equipment's performance.

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Hi there,


I JUST bought this one off ebay for $50. I forgot I need a 2nd for the DAC. Unless this is and you forgot to say sold! 

If you want to match the deal I got for Ebay I will offer to buy it from you the same price I paid Ebay. 

Thanks for your time!  smily_headphones1.gif


Jeffery <----

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OOPS I am MORON IT SAYS CLOSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NO excused JUST not paying attention!..

Sorry about that!

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