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I have no capacity/time to DIY; however I am considering the Can Opener which I am sure some of you are familiar with. I know I am asking a lot so please accept my sincere thanks for bothering if you do. I have a NAD M3 integrated amplifier and I want to use the speaker B channel (currently unused) to hook the Can Opener into for use with my HE 560. My concern is whether or not these various components match well or not. I have inbound a nice Yulong A18 headphone amplifier, but I always thought that the NAD M3 is a very good amplifier and if I could just get a headphone adapter with it my thinking was that it should be better than all but very expensive headphone amps. That said, I am not knowledgeable enough about dampening factor and how a device such as the Can Opener would work. If anybody has some thoughts to share about my scenario I would be very appreciative. Cheers.