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How do we know this is a prank?
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I thought this at least makes it 10x better.


ZtddP.jpgDenon Prototype.png



It looks like they were following Beats Studio design but in a bad way. Just like the resemblance between "D7100?" and FA-004.


Denon really need to invest more in designers, and they should have learned that from the past.

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I really dont care how they look as long as they sound good but I do like the wood on the d5000 and 7000

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would this  replace the current line or would they keep them and just drop the price.

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If its true, then man thats looks ugly! Its clear from the designs that they want to rival the Sennheiser HD800 and HD700, with this futuristic look.. What makes the manufacturers think that audiophiles dig this look? I am from the younger generation and this does not appeal to me at all.

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I like the way they look. To me, they're funky in a good way.

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Yuk these look so gross :\ if philips can get the design right (the l1's are gorgeous) I cant see why denon cannot :@. I love the look of their current phones even the AH-D1100 looks good to me.

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^^^I agree but in the end its the sound that matters and as long as they sound great I would buy them unless they were pink or endorsed by justin bibber 

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Originally Posted by Amarphael View Post

Why, that's a very elaborate april fool day's prank.

This all the way.

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Proof audio manufacturers don't read anything I post about their gear :)

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Originally Posted by GL1TCH3D View Post

And I thought the flagship was the th900 xP from fostex which apparently owns denon?

The TH900's are the flagship Fostex headphones, which is the company that is making the higher end headphones for Denon (Fostex makes them, denon brands them), otherwise the companies have nothing to do with each other.

Similar situation with the Apple earbuds, Fostex is the sole manufacturer of them, but Apple brands them.


And as for the looks of this new "headphone", I wish I could swear on this forum.


Also, has anyone noticed that the "contrast stitching" isn't even on the seam lines? Even the stitching is fake.

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Sometimes, we need other things to remind us the value of something we already have... 

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Hideous. I was about to be disappointed that I just ordered D7000 if a new upgrade was coming out but by the looks of that I can stand to pass.

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they look like hideous growths!

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Originally Posted by gtrslngrchris View Post

Hideous. I was about to be disappointed that I just ordered D7000 if a new upgrade was coming out but by the looks of that I can stand to pass.

I just got a pair of d7000 today because I wanted the wood denons before these came out, but if they sound good I might have too buy these too and live off of the cardbord the headphones came in for a few months.

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