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Well to me, for a headphone that expensive, sounding amazing just won't do, it must look amazing as well. If I'm going to buy a headphone it must have excellent designs as well as excellent sound.

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ph34r.gif Dead-On-Arrival. Fashion is designed to be cycled; recycled. The fashion attempt with this particular model will only make them look dated. Even as some dealers await shipment.

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Have a look at the next photo, especially at the bottom of the pad, no decent shadows in any direction. Also the plastic lighting is too smooth, where the band fades into the hairline, is too clean cut. No distortion what so ever on the persons skin or on the pad itself.



Even if these are being planned, this picture atleast is fake, the rest also have similar issues, but whoever did this still knows what they are doing.

Sorry man, they are confirmed as real now. BTW I just picked up a pair of D7000 last week, everywhere has them on sale, looks like Denon is trying to move their old inventory.




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It seems to come for Japanese headphone festival in next month.


Thx for the detailed info. Anybody knows what's the name of the song at the end of that video? I know the name of the singer is Suara.



NVM, I founded it, it's called 桜(sakura)

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If these new Denons sound better than my current D7K's, I will have a nice set of woodies for sale for the fashion conscious.
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If the new version sounds better, I'd be up for keeping my existing pair but modifying a new pair for fit & finish only. biggrin.gif

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Why is it that when I Google "Denon D7100" the only reference that pops up is this Head-Fi thread? Gee, could it be there is no D7100 outside of Japan?

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The D7100 doesn't look too bad imo. Though I would prefer a wood housing, a plastic one means that you can probably bring it outside without damaging it. I don't think its even a new flagship, just a portable version of the D7000.

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The design looks like a CELEBRITY HEADPHONE lol....


Reminds me of 50 Cent/Dr Dre/Ludacris headphones lmao...


If I do wear that on the streets, some people might think it is one of those crappy Dres or something.... I am disappointed.

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I love Denon cans, but I'm not buying those. I don't care if they sound like cherubs humping, I won't own those horrid things.
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The designs of the big ones (not IEM's) look very different from the classy Denon designs. I'm quite content with my D7000 and don't think I'll be buying another home-only cans.

I'm very much interested in portable headphones like Signature Pro by Ultrasone, as these are supposed to be awesome at home and on the go.



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These phones look absolutely sick ( in a good way ) These are the first original designs I've seen in a headphone. Bravo Denon! I'm so gald to see someone putting effort into making headphones look more stylish than just a generic housing with a band. Clean lines with nice curves. They look so modern almost like when the new '90 300 Z first came out. My friend hated the way it looked but two years later he ended up buying one. I'm gonna bet in a few years we'll see more and more designs with emphasis on the styling than we see currently. I for one love the looks.
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Sick is right, I lost my dinner in the waste bin next to my desk. eek.gif
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Lol I can see it's definetly not for everyone. I doubt that the 7100s will have plastic in it so maybe something else will surface. Most headphones look pretty much the same round or oval cups and a band. From a designers standpoint pretty conventional. Sennheiser HD700s are a departure from conventional. So will these new Denons. The demographics for these are definitely younger crowd looking to upgrade their sounds which makes sense as there has been an explosion in PORTABLE audio amplifiers from same said crowd. I won't wear my D2000 or even my M50s cause they'd look stupid out in public but these new Denons I wouldn't mind at all. Especially the ones with the cool white stitching and black leather pads. It would perfectly match my Vans, watch band, shirts, jackets, and girlfriends purse. We live in a visual world and Beats sell for a reason other than sound quality.

Oh yeah does anyone know if the Fostex factory was damaged/destroyed during last years tsunami. That might explain why the D series is being discontinued if true. and also explain why amazon jacked the prices up to msrp since Denon would only have stock in the US warehouses to last em.
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Originally Posted by dtrisgvex View Post

Sorry man, they are confirmed as real now. BTW I just picked up a pair of D7000 last week, everywhere has them on sale, looks like Denon is trying to move their old inventory.

Yes, it doesn't mean that the original images aren't renderings, which is what I proved, but regardless, it seems confirmed now...

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