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The E7 is inadequate for your headphones. For one thing, they're rated for 16-300 ohm headphones, not 600. They have a sensibility of 96 dB/mW, which means they need 25 mW to reach a sound pressure level of 110 dB (i.e. LOUD). According to FiiO's specs, the E7 can only output 16 mW into a 300 ohm load, let alone a 600 ohm load!

The FiiO E9, on the other hand, can output 80 mW into a 600 ohm load, more than enough for your headphones! The good news is that you can keep your E7 and use it as a DAC by pairing it with the E9. Make sure to plug your headphones into the quarter inch jack though.
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I used a fiio e10 on high gain with my beyer's and it was decent. There was plenty of volume but like others have said, it was harsh. Then I bought an audio gd compass and it sounds great with Beyers. Not only does it get loud, but it's not loud and harsh. I can turn up the volume and it goes up softly and with detail. Very nice combination.

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You really really really really really really do need to power them properly if you don't want it to sound like crap. My DT880's sound crap if not powered properly. Honestly if you can't be stuffed spending the money to power them properly then get a lower impendance, higher sensitivity cans. Honestly, my DT440s cost me more than half the price of the DT880s and sound better than the DT880 if the DT880 is not powered properly.


These damn Fiios' are a plague to be tricking people into thinking they can power anything that needs dedicated amplification.

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I wouldn't put "plague" and "trick" in the same sentence with the fiio product. It's great bang for the buck and works very well with low impedance cans. Like I said the e10 did a nice job with my dt990/600 with high gain at low to low medium levels. That is where I listen anyway, so it worked for me. Considering I got it for $50 it's just really hard to beat. Also it run my denon's beautifully at any volume that I want to listen to. 


Just don't want new comers to get the wrong idea here.

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These damn Fiios' are a plague to be tricking people into thinking they can power anything that needs dedicated amplification.

I don't know what makes you say that? And FiiO does have "dedicated amplification" in their catalog, e.g. the E9, which has more than enough power to drive such headphones.
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Is there a chance there could be something wrong with my dt990's? Is there anything else I would need to run the dt990's with the schiite asgard if I am using my computer for the source?

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People shouldn't be getting 600ohm Beyers without a proper desktop amp. The bare minimum should be the E9. Seriously. I don't understand how people are jumping straight into the 600ohm with weak amps. They act as if the 32/250 ohm variants don't exist. believe it or not, if you're not going to own a beefy amp, the latter two will sound better than a weakly driven 600ohm.
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