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I opened Their Ear's

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Ihad a party tonight.. A few friends knew I was into headphones. On actually recorded a CD. He heard it through NAD 521, MG Head OTL, Clou Red and HD 600's. His reaction was worth every penny spent. OTher "non-believers" listened and were impressed. I knew it sounded good, but to see these people react like that....

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It's amazing, isn't it... I posted a thread a while back when I took my dad's grados+amp to school; the reactions were priceless. One guy even asked me to build him an amp!

All those people that laugh at audiophiles haven't heard any good systems.
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Yeah, I have done the same with people. They always take the headphones off and look at them, kinda turn em around in their hands, smile, then put them back on. It's obvious they are just stunned.
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Ppl laugh at audiophiles? WHO???

Excellent! My experience with non-exposed possible head-fiers is I freak them out when they listen to my home setup. Lol, they take a little while to recover from shock. Problem is, making them let go!

My speaker system sounds more impressive (to me anyway), but the shock level isn't as astonishing as the headphones purely because of the nature of them (I am in very disbelief that Etymotics earphones are the bomb, but I am anxious to find out for real). My first Sennheiser experience, I almost actually did fall on my a** in the store. (I probably will collapse if the Etys blow me away when I finally get a chance to try them)
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I'm not sure that Ety's will really blow you away the first time you hear them. The first time that i heard mine, I was forced to ask myself 'what's all the hype about?'. When i heard my grados for the first time, by contrast, i was absolutely blown away.

Eventually, however, after learning the best way for ME to insert the tips, the sound grew on me, and i began to appreciate how good they really are.

Anyway... I just wanted to warn you. Maybe others would not agree.

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People tend to think i'm wasting my money "on so many headphones." But once they hear them, they shut up for the most part. What can i say, they're oblivious to what their missing out on truely enjoying their music. A nickname that floats around is "headphone George."

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Thanks for the heads up. When I demo a potential product, I try it out extensively until the salesman kicks me out of the store.
The most memorable moment was @ Tweeter, I was almost escorted out by the manager cause I was breaking in the Sennheiser MX500 earbuds for about two hours (brought my own CDs). I then bought them (for my father, I don't like ear buds) after I was satisfied.

gloco - in my cases, it's opposite. When they actually hear it, it causes commodity like "these sound so awesome, why the hell didn't you tell me about crazy headFONES earlier?"
"hello! That's what I've been trying to get through to you all this time" lol. But eventually they shut up, then hog my headphone rig. It's ok, I just blast the speakers. =P
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That's pretty cool...

I've had basically the same reactions.

"$400 dollars for headphones??? Are you nuts???"

Then they come over, check out my headphones, and keep shut while they listen to music on them.
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Grados do have that OH $#!! factor. When I first heard the MS-1s, my eyes opened wide. I'm still infatuated enough to use them more than my senns, not sure how long that will last.
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