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I'll call M2c is pretty high end earbud.
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Originally Posted by fleasbaby View Post

Fantastic...not as expensive as I thought they might end up being...anyone with a pair of M2C going to order some and do a comparison?

this please

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Originally Posted by sharkz View Post

I would love to try the new TM7 someday just to see what a "high end" earbud sounds like. I just picked up a pair of M2C's this week thanks to a kind Head-fi'er and I really like them. It is a nice step up/to the side from my five year old PK3's, plus they lack the dreaded J-Cord (Bleh!). They have a nice amount of airiness to them even though they sacrifice a bit of the lower end weight the Yuin's had. Paired with my Clip+ and brand new E6, I am really enjoying this setup as my work rig.

i heard that the mc2 doesn't really respond that well with an amp?

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well.. I might be tempted to pick up a pair sometime soonish. No M2C anymore though

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will their be a review posted soon?

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Will be, Sunday if not earlier.
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awesome. link it in this thread when it's completed, if you don't mind, of course.

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Can anyone compare the M2C to the Yuin PK2?

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I didn't own the two at the same time, but have had them both. I found the PK2 to be too congested and dark. The M2C punches way above its price bracket (the M2C and Yuin PK1 were partly the reasons I sold my Grado 325is), with wide soundstage, superior clarity and extremely good response to equalization.


I am particularly enamored with the M2C's ability to sound amazing straight out of an iPod headphone jack (a rarity for me). The PK2 I sold pretty quickly as I just didn't like their signature.

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I agree that the PK2 can become a bit congested when there's a lot going on at the same time, but I do not think that they sound dark at all.


Here's a comparison I made in a PM to a member who asked me to compare the PK2 and M2C, which I did and then writing the PM right away:


Bass goes pretty deep. Soundstage isn't very deep, but is pretty wide and tall. Overall a sort of airy sound.


Bass doesn't go as deep as on the PK2, but can be heard more. Soundstage is pretty deep and also wider than on the PK2. Soundstage doesn't feel as tall, though.



There's something that I don't really like about the bass in the M2C. You get quantity, but overall there's a sort of hollow tinge to the bass. I prefer the deeper and more subtle bass in the PK2 to the M2C.

The PK2 are far from my favorite earbuds, but overall I prefer them to the M2C.


I'll probably buy the TM7 before the end of the month. Very much looking forward to that.  ksc75smile.gif

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I would defer to your opinion if I was researching these two headphones myself...I never had a chance to do a side-by-side on the two. I concur on the M2C bass as well. At first I thought they were just flat headphones without the warmth of the I said though, they respond very well to equalization, and I found them wonderful coming straight out of my Cowon J3.

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Thanks both of you.


I think I'll get the PK2 next. I like the sound from the M2c but the cord on my pair are a big negative.


Danneq which earbuds are your favourite overall? I've owned the PK3s and now the M2c but I'm not averse to trying something else.

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Right now I would say that Sennheiser MX980 is my favorite. It can be a pain in the rear end to get a good fit but overall I think that the MX980 has got a very smooth and natural sound. I'm looking forward to compare the MX980 to the new Blox TM7 when I buy those.


I also like vintage Sony and Aiwa earbuds from the 80's and 90's. Those old things can sound amazing. The Sony MDR-E484 (sold from around 1988-1996) for example is nice with deep bass and a forward sound. The soundstage isn't the biggest, though. I prefer the Sony MDR-E282 (sold from around 1985-1990) to the MDR-E484. The soundstage is bigger and the E282 can be quite involving. I also like the Aiwa HP-D9, which have got an amazing soundstage and detail, but very little bass. I'm looking for Aiwa HP-V99 and V9, but when they pop up on Ebay they often end at a much higher price than I am prepared to pay.


I would definitely recommend the Sennheiser MX980, but remember that they probably cost between $150-200 AND they are discontinued and might be difficult to find.


Sony MDR-E484 sometimes pop up on Ebay. They usually cost from aorund $200. Soundwise, I'd say that the E484 are worth around $100, so only spend more if you want to collect vintage earbuds.


I haven't tried the Hisoundaudio Live and Living yet, but I'll try to get those as soon as my wallet allows me...

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Originally Posted by Melvins View Post

awesome. link it in this thread when it's completed, if you don't mind, of course.

There you go:
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