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For Sale: Audioquest Sky XLR with 72v DBS, 1.5m - Sold.

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For Sale:
Audioquest Sky XLR with 72v DBS, 1.5m - Sold.

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Selling my favourite interconnects for financial reasons. Kept them as long as I could but now I have to downsize.

There are 2 pairs:

One at 1m RCA and the other is 1.5m XLR version.


Both are triple balanced with 3 silver solid core conductors and the 72v DBS. 


Amazing sound, extracting all detail from the recording with strong tight bass, lush mids and airy highs. It's the first expensive cable that convinced me that interconnects do make a world of difference and it was obvious from the first A/B test. 

The sound upgrade was stunning even when used with a 200$ Audio-GD NFB12.


Letting go for 700e for the RCA pair and 900e for the XLR, shipped and paypaled anywhere in the world.

1.500 if bought together.

The XLR pair was used to connect my RME Babyface to a pair of Focal CMS 65 active monitors in my studio.


Interconnects are less than a year old, in excellent shape with no bendings or scratches whatsoever.

Photos will be added.


Trade offers are welcome; mostly looking for a mid-priced DAC or a nice pair of headphones.

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Hi,please email me at ksekiu@ gmail.com. Regards Eric, malaysia
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The RCA is gone.

I thought I'd keep the XLR for my monitors but I'll have to let go of that too.


Price drop, 800e for 1.5m Sky XLR shipped and paypaled.

Here are some pics:




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do you have original box or bill?


If yes, will you take $US900?





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Final price drop.



Cables are bought locally, second hand. I don't have the original box so I am including an inside pic. You can see the 3 silver conductors in teflon or something.

Excellent condition, excellent sound at a fraction of their price.


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Reasonable offers accepted.

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670e shipped and paypal'd!

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Still welcoming trade offers. I'm on the lookout for an Audio-GD dac, an EE minimax or something in that mid-priced league.

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Steal this from me for 600e!

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Dropping to 550e hoping for a quick sale for financial reasons.

Shipping cost is 15-20e for Europe, a little more for worldwide.

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A guy is trying to sell his cables at ebay, with the photo he stole from my thread:



I have NO relation whatsoever with the seller cable*collection and will report him if he doesn't vanish it.

I can provide similar photos with today's newspapers. It's my home studio setup.

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500e to see it go as I'm not using it for months now.


Changed my RME Babyface to a FireFace 400 and have no use for it anymore (fireface has jack outputs).

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Is it for sale, the Sky audioquest xlr, yet?



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