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CEntrance DACmini CX + Denon D7000

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Anyone who had this combo before, what do you think? (The 10 ohm output impedance would be great if you could describe)

I checked the main thread of the DACMini, no info on this, so please do not refer me there, as is usually the case here.

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I'm really interested in this combination as well. Specifically, whether the D7K would work well with the default 10 ohm output?

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I can't vouch for it personally, but lots of people report using Denons (well D2000, D5000, D7000 at least; I haven't heard about all the others) on higher output impedance sources and don't hear anything wrong with that.  With just 10 ohms output impedance you'd expect a pretty small change in frequency response with those headphones, like a small bump in the sub-bass under 0.5 dB at most.  I wouldn't think it's anything to be concerned with.

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Mine sound great.  I feel no need to get the 1 ohm mod.  Why ruin a good thing?

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Originally Posted by roker View Post

Mine sound great.  I feel no need to get the 1 ohm mod.  Why ruin a good thing?

Word brotha. I just got the DACMini, and I can say that it enlarged the soundstage on my D7ks and the mids and highs have been improved. However, the bass is not changed that much but it's "tighter". I used the Burson HA160DS before this and for my music type (electronica/rock) it was great. The DACMini has lower PRaT and the bass is a bit too slow for that music but it still sounds good! But I am astonished at how much more depth the soundstage received and there is more air to breath between the instrument separation. I am using the 10 ohm output version right now.


Between the Burson and the DACmini, I feel that that the DAC in the DACmini is better than the one in the Burson especially by USB playing 24/96 FLAC files through foobar. However, I wish there was more info on the amp in the DACmini, all we know it is a Class A amp.


Also wanted to mention, if you produce music and need headphones for referencing at the studio, the DACmini is more suitable for that as a dac + amp because there is evidently little lag between the DAW and the hardware. It is very well engineered/efficient and does not "heat up" like the Burson did in my experience.

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