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So I ordered a set of RE0s for my girlfriend which just arrived today. They sound pretty good, if a little harsh and lacking in bass, but that's why they're burning in to dubstep as we speak :P


In any case, what worries me more is the state of the packaging and what that might imply about the headphones. I ordered these from Canadian Shoppe on Amazon, and according to my girlfriend, the plastic clamshell case was not sealed. There was only a piece of tape on one side as a hinge. I'm not sure if this is how they're supposed to be, I'm just used to things being sealed. Also, the clear clamshell had a fair amount of scratches and one of the corners near the seam had chipped. Also, on the back of the right phone there's a tiny dent on the edge of the silver concentric ring part and a black marker along the front silver area (at the base of the sound tube). 

I added a picture of the chipped case. Sorry bout the quality. All we had for a camera was a blackberry, hence why I couldn't get any close-ups of the headphones. 




RE0 case 1.jpg


















Again, I have no idea if I'm just making a big deal out of nothing.After all, a chipped case won't effect the headphones themselves (and the scratches likely happened with the chip). It's more the lack of a seal and the used looked of everything. I just want to make sure that I'm not getting something that's been tampered with, and the last pair of headphones I ordered were defective, so I'm a bit on the defensive. Thanks for any help you can offer.



*EDIT* Canadian Shoppe got back to me. Evidently they order the earphones without packaging to save money and then repackage them. Kinda odd, but ok. They said they should be ok. Other than aesthetics I don't hear much wrong with them. 

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