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@Barra Hi I would like to hear more of your impressions of the ragnarok and LCD 2 combo you heard and mentioned in this thread.  We might have similar tastes in sound from what little I have read.  Thanks in advance. :gs1000smile:

The ROK is a noticeable upgrade from the MOJO, that is for sure - and a better match for the LCD2.2.


There are some rare amps that pair well with everything and the ROK is one of them. At our last mini-meet, we were running the HD700, HD800, LCD2.2, HE560, and the HE1000. They all sounded wonderful. However, the HE1000 was the star of the show giving us what seemed to be the best of the HD800 and LCD signature. My second favorite out of that group was my LCD2.2 by a reasonable margin followed by the HD800. The HD800 is a great HP, but its greatness is somewhat limited to classical/acoustic, or as a tool to judge equipment. So out of that group, the LCD2.2 and the HE1000 were winning the race by a good distance. The reason that I tell you this is because while HE1000 won, it was close enough that I have no desire to get the 3x more expensive HE1000 and I can be real happy. This is in part my preference for the LCD's fun and euphoric signature, and because the ROK runs it that well. The other reason I gave you the long story is because the ROK makes everything else sound great as well providing great versatility. With its gain switch, I can even run my CIEMs to new heights. The friend that owns the ROK is running his heavily modded HD800 through them and came from a MOJO, but most people would tell you that the MOJO is not as nice with this breadth of HPs and signatures and certainly not a good match for the HD800. I give the ROK and the LCD2.2 two thumbs up as a great value and both can be had for less than the HE1000.


BTW, the Seattle Head-Fi meet is tomorrow, so I will be playing with the ROK/LCD2.2 combo again. I also am hosting the new Eddie Current Zana Deux tube amp which is another magic combo with the LCD2.2. The EC ZD is what I am listening to right now and I can tell you that I would take that over the ROK, but it is double the cost. It again makes all signatures/HPs sound incredible.


Two more things about the ROK, the Ygg/Rok stack is a case of 1 plus 1 equals 3. If you can, I would match the two for an otherworldly sound. The last thing is that the ROK has an annoying volume clicking sound due to the volume pot. It is audible and reasonably loud even with no HP plugged in. Just wanted you to know in case you have not heard it in person.

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Sweet!  Thanks for the impressions!! :beerchug:

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