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am substitute listening to my SennHD650 + Valhalla whilst burning in the LCD2 + Mjolnir.


100 hrs seems plenty long.. will see how it develops over time.


am using new Blue Jeans Cables XLR interconnects and brand new balanced headphone cables from Audeze. The LCD2 themselves are also quite a recent purchase. Not sure if its one or the other along the chain (amp, interconnect, headphone cable, headphones) that is the culprit...

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Originally Posted by Eee Pee View Post

Is that including the time it was turned on at the Schiitquarters?

Pre fuse swap? Years ago? Bah. Sorry. Contrast.

Um, well ya see it's like this…  :atsmile:


I got my Mojo well before I started really exploring fuses, power cables, and other tweaks.

And it was ≈ 100hrs in my system.



I just recently I re-inserted it back into my system and it took


wait for it…





≈ 100 hrs before it came back into focus. :atsmile:





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Of course my mileage varies.  Great way to say, in my opinion, when schiit doesn't actually make sense but hey, YMMV.

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Question:  Can I connect powered speakers to the balanced Pre-Out on the Mjolnir?   There is an FAQ in the manual that ask " Can I power speakers with the Mjolnir"  which seems to be aimed at passive speakers. However, under "Specs" for "Speaker Impedance" Schiit states "not recommended for speaker use."   I have JBL near field monitors and intend to connect both them and my Alpha Prime headphones to the Mjolnier.  Thanks!

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I use JBL LSR308 monitors with the Mjolnir using the balanced Pre-Out.  Works great.

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