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Every time I read all these comments about the Rok being better than the Mjolnir, I have to remind myself that my Mjolnir cost almost $1000 less so that I don't feel bad for not having the best! :P

My PWD is wonderful, so is my Mojo amp.  

They scale really well together.


As does the pairing of the PWD and The Rok.



But I suspect that the pairing of The Rok and Jggy will exceed them both and raise the bar such that it will create a new standard by which to compare all comers.

At least that's what my spidey sense is telling me.


But the other half of this equation will be the remaining components that feed and are fed by this pairing, and do it in such a way that you'll be able to tell if the rest of your system can scale along with this new standard.

Sorta like the weakest link theory.


And with 800's yer gunna hear those weak links, mostly because the rest of the audio chain will be so transparent and 'out of the way' that what ever doesn't get out of its own way will be quite evident.


IOW having "the best" and getting the most out of it can be an ongoing 'project' in and of itself.