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What is it really worth?

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Over the past few years, after discovering the amazing sound that can come from full sized headphones I have put a good amount of time and some money into modifying several pairs of grados mostly for the love of sound and the hobby. Now, however I have a pair of cans that go unused and could help finance a new pair of cans (something other than grados) The set in question is sort of a frankin pair, it holds the 325is drivers in the plastic cups with an aluminum screen, the thin headband and wired up with a single 3.5mm jack using the 8 cable uhplc super wire grado uses. Keeping in mind that I am one of those college students who really shouldn't be into audiophile grade equipment, I just do not know how to price these. Any ideas of pricing would be greatly appreciated.I just thought I would ask here before I posted in the For Sale section since you guys are the experts on headphones like this.




Thanks you guys for all the help

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I've had 325i's go for ~$200ish before well used. Maybe $150 for those frankensteins? You should make an interest check thread in the for sale forum to see if there's any interest. Any way you can proove the 325i drivers are in there and not just old 325's or lower end of the prestige series in some way?


Very best,

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